Tapehook by Torafu Architects


Tapehook by Torafu Architects

Japanese designers Torafu Architects have designed a set of paper hooks that look like curled pieces of adhesive tape.

Tapehook by Torafu Architects

Each hook has been created by soaking the paper, curling it, then allowing it to dry in position.

Tapehook by Torafu Architects

The Tapehooks are available in different sets of colours.

Tapehook by Torafu Architects

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Tapehook by Torafu Architects

Here is some further explanation from the designers:

A Paper Hook that looks like Tape

This product was created for the “Kami no Dougu” (Paper Tools) exhibition held by the “Kami no Kousakujo”, a project advanced by designers and print processing plants who seek to explore the potential of tools manufactured from processed paper.

Tapehook by Torafu Architects

Taking hints from the unique characteristics of tape, the paper hook was proposed under the theme “Products that take advantage of adhesive techniques”.

Tapehook by Torafu Architects

Curling the tip like a piece of tape, the hook is soaked then dried. This process gives it enough strength to hang small accessories or keys. Looking like cut-out tape, this paper hook creates a sense of wonder, and the unpredictable resilience its appearance defies gives it an extraordinary presence.

Tapehook by Torafu Architects

  • http://www.saimanmiah.com Saiman

    Great simplicity. Bravo!

  • http://www.thedisgruntledarchitect.wordpress.com thedisgruntledarchitect

    I also love the simplicity here and it also makes it look so much less invasive in the wall than typical drywall hooks. Very clever!

  • http://www.dailygrail.com Red Pill Junkie

    Very neat.

    They should try to expand it to boxes or other type of containers.

  • http://www.curioussolidmatter.com Jack


    All of the items shown in the pics are not things I would bother to hang on a little hook, of course it is a storage solution but really… hang up your ring and glasses before bed, I think not.

  • http://www.lospauntesdepaula.blogspot.com Paula

    Just perfect! Simpliy and funny…

  • http://www.informationarchitects.jp tina

    They just started selling those at the Aoyama Book Center in Tokyo! http://www.aoyamabc.co.jp/store/honten/ I might go have a look today :)