Dezeen Screen: Ian Callum
on the Jaguar C-X75


In this interview filmed by Dezeen at Clerkenwell Design Week, design director of car brand Jaguar Ian Callum talks about the C-X75 electric concept car, which is boosted by jet engines.

The car was exhibited at the Farmiloe Building last week, where our Dezeen Watch Store pop-up was also on show.

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  • "We have a great time —we design Jags!"

    No hypocrisy from this man :)

    Really a gorgeous car. I'm very curious though about just what kind of sound this cat makes on the road —a roar or a purr?

  • its a real beauty!

  • Will

    The car is dramatic but strangely it looks better in pictures than in reality. The back is lovely but the front kind of looks a bit uninspiring.