One More Time by Kiki van Eijk


One more time by Kiki van Eijk

Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk has created this series of 14 mantle clocks, each made from a different metal wire or finish.

One more time by Kiki van Eijk

Called One More Time, the clocks comprise a ceramic face and metal wires twisted into the frame of a clock case.

One more time by Kiki van Eijk

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One more time by Kiki van Eijk

Here are some more details from the designer:

One more time

14 mantelclocks handmade in metal wire in 14 different materials and finishings. Each clock has exactly the same shape, but a totally different appearance because of its finish. It tells a story about time; how we look at objects, judge them, how we feel about them and how our vision towards them changes within time.

One more time by Kiki van Eijk

An object that shows only the skeleton of what it could be, yet representing a function in full state. The objects exist between fiction and reality, it’s ultra transparent and seems to float in space by almost getting absorbed by its surroundings. In this work the construction looks like a tiny ink drawing. The added ceramic part determines a function: a clock.

One more time by Kiki van Eijk

Finishes: Brass, Brass sandblasted, Copper, Copper sandblasted, Copper oxidized, Copper sulphur, Copper sandblasted nickel plated, Copper 24K gold plated, Copper nickel plated, Copper oxidized copper plated, Aluminium, Aluminium blue anodized, Aluminium red anodized, Aluminium black anodized.

34 x 14 x 41 cm

  • Henk

    I just don't get this DIY stuff…

  • felix

    strong concept but the execution lacks the needed wow factor