Roll table by Tom Dixon


Rolling table by Tom Dixon

British designer Tom Dixon has added a small wheel to a standard cafe table design to make it easier for staff to move around. 

Rolling table by Tom Dixon

The base is made of cast iron while the solid birch top has a rubber bumper round its edge.

Rolling table by Tom Dixon

Dixon presented the design at his show in Milan in April. See all our stories about Milan 2011 »

Rolling table by Tom Dixon

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Rolling table by Tom Dixon

The following is from the designer:

Roll is an example of indestructible mechanical practicality. A series of hard working tables specifically constructed to ease the workers’ burden. The rolling wheel on the cast iron base enables lone waiting staff to reconfigure tables with minimal fuss and assistance.


The robust bumper edge trim, extruded in rubber, allows tables to be grouped together and withstand the hard knocks of life.

  • Kerby

    I'd ike to try and see how easy it is to move around.

    That base/table looks really heavy and with one wheel i'd be worried that the table could flip to one side.

  • I agree with Kerby, they look a bit heavy, but they should be for outdoor use. What they should do, is make a lightweight indoor version cause I think it's cool, and would like one in my appartment.

  • jeremy

    if it was lightweight, it wouldnt need a wheel…..

  • nice idea! i think it is usefull for waiters

  • felix

    seems more intuitive to move it the other way; tilted towards you

  • Guest

    I think the idea is great but not executed properly – is that a sewer grate as a base?

  • Lucas R Adams

    Im 50/50 about the concept: A natural cafe-table (simply designed) doesn't weigh that much to start with.. does it really need a CAST IRON base with wheel?

  • Hercule Poirot

    Maybe you could fix a bycicle bell at the opposite side of the wheel to call the waiter ?