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Round Multipurpose table by Narbutas

Round Multipurpose table by Narbutas

Dezeen Showroom: office furniture brand Narbutas has launched the Round Multipurpose table collection, designed to accommodate both work and leisure needs in the workplace.

A versatile piece of furniture, the Round Multipurpose table has a lightweight design available in two depths and three height variations, which can be combined to create long table arrangements.

Round Multipurpose table by Narbutas
The Round Multipurpose table was designed to be versatile and lightweight

Its design is made up of a rectangular tabletop and metal A-frames with rounded corners, which can be customised with added shelving, bag hooks, monitor holders and whiteboards.

Potted plants can also be slotted into the top of the frames to add lush greenery to the workplace and further soften the structure's metal materiality, which is made less harsh by the rounded forms and soft lines.

Round Multipurpose table by Narbutas
It can be accessorised with potted plants

"The Round Multipurpose tables were created with one goal – maximum versatility," said Narbutas. "Designed for every work scenario, these tables were created for all types of meetings, work, and leisure."

"The stereotypically rough aura of metal is softened by airy, rounded shapes and lines," the brand continued. "This harmony is best reflected by the table's round metal tube legs, creating a modern, expressive, and functional piece of furniture."

The Round Multipurpose table joins other office furniture in Narbutas's Round collection, including desks and cabinets.

Product details:

Product: Round Multipurpose
Brand: Narbutas
Contact: [email protected]

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Round Multipurpose table by Narbutas
Round Multipurpose table by Narbutas
Round Multipurpose table by Narbutas