Family Bench by Valentin Garal for Le Porc-Shop


Family Bench by Valentin Garal for Le Porc-Shop

Spanish designer Valentin Garal has designed a bench with an integrated budgie cage.

Family Bench by Valentin Garal for Le Porc-Shop

The Family Bench is made of solid willow and was designed for retailer the Le Porc-Shop.

Family Bench by Valentin Garal for Le Porc-Shop

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Family Bench by Valentin Garal for Le Porc-Shop

The following is by the designer:



By Valentín Garal for Le Porc-Shop 2011

Family Bench by Valentin Garal for Le Porc-Shop

Family Bench is a collaboration by the Spanish designer Valentin Garal for Le Porc-Shop, a Mexican hand-crafted furniture workshop. Family Bench is an object conceived for the “non places” often forgotten and lacking of character.

Family Bench by Valentin Garal for Le Porc-Shop

It is made of solid willow wood, with an outstanding crafted work on the cage. Its construction moves to a concept of excellence for the social and sentimental scope. Pedagogical in its design, functions as a bank of family ties.

Family Bench by Valentin Garal for Le Porc-Shop

It requires a tender care by all members that surround the Family Bench. With a touch of irony, is a reflective piece destined to become a point of meeting, discussion and preservation of social relations.

Solid willow wood hand-crafted
120 x 190 x 45 cms

  • too

    sorry but what's the pleasure of having birds in a cage?

    • Andy

      I kind of agree, but remember these birds are often brought up in a cage they know nothing but cage, so realeasing them would mean they die!

      • douglas

        Then how about designing a massive cage, instead of a trendy accessory size one? Nothing remotely admirable about this. Its actually the opposite of problem solving.


      • design student no: 2

        Most people who choose to imprison one of these, only keep one. The birds often exhibit signs of extreme stress, like pulling their own feathers out.

        Nice concept – solitary confinement of an innocent living being, throughout its entire existence. Oh wait, its got the word 'irony' in the description, so that means its cool right?

    • spain

      Where are you from "too"?
      I think it's a cultural shock. it's pretty common in many european and latinamerican countries to have birds when you are a kid to learn how to take care of a pet and also while you are old aged…
      It's also a tradition, there are bird quality contest, and people take lot of care of them

  • miss e

    who says you have to let the door closed?

  • metropolitanmousehome

    Seriously, that's just a stupid idea. Can't we just plant a tree or a nice plant where the birds would happily go to?! I really don't see caging birds in the sun for people's pleasure a great design.

  • Scramble

    When cared for properly, birds make wonderful and intelligent pets, and can enjoy a great deal of quality time outside the cage. Unfortunately, their intelligence means they are curious, and can thus get exploring (and chewing!) in potentially dangerous places. For their own safety, they need to be in the cage when the owners are away. They also tend to develop attachments to their cages, and feel safer inside their own "homes" when, for instance, there are lots of strange guests about.

    And, this is a beautiful project! Another design integrating needs of pets with the needs of humans in the home. I love it. Do they make a version with a cockatiel-sized cage?

  • cacas

    what about the architect inside the cage for our plesure?
    2011 and they come with this sheet.

  • ash

    won't they just poo on you?

  • kip

    I don't get what's wrong with this design… all the haters out there have either never owned a bird before in their life or are unaware that YES PEOPLE KEEP BIRDS IN CAGES AND ACTUALLY KEEP THEM AS PETS!

  • Kinwai

    If you've ever owned a parrot you know how much feather dust they make everyday.
    Not to mention how much they like to chew and break wood branches.
    This chair is totally not practical.

  • Hercule Poirot

    Do those birds taste good, at least ? Well roasted it must be excellent.