The High Line Section 2 opens


High Line Section 2

Landscape architects James Corner Field Operations, architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro and planting designer Piet Oudolf have completed Section 2 of the High Line, a 1.5 mile-long elevated park on an abandoned railway in New York.

High Line Section 2

The project spans 22 blocks through the west side of Manhattan and is split into three equal stages, with Section 2 bringing the completed length up to one mile.

High Line Section 2

Unlike Section one, which was completed in 2009, this second phase includes a stretch of lawn.

High Line Section 2

A new platform elevated 2.5 metres above the main High Line overlooks a canopy of trees and plants below.

High Line Section 2

Photographs are by Iwan Baan, apart from where otherwise stated.

High Line Section 2

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High Line Section 2

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High Line Section 2

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High Line Section 2

The following information is from Diller Scofidio + Renfro:

The High Line (Phase II)
Public Park: New York, NY 2011

The High Line, a collaboration between Field Operations, project lead, with Diller Scofidio+ Renfro and Piet Oudolf, is a new 1.5-mile long public park built on an abandoned elevated railroad stretching from the Meatpacking District to the Hudson Rail Yards in Manhattan.

High Line Section 2

Above photograph is by Barry Munger.

Inspired by the melancholic, unruly beauty of this postindustrial ruin, where nature has reclaimed a once vital piece of urban infrastructure, the new park interprets its inheritance.

High Line Section 2

It translates the biodiversity that took root after it fell into ruin in a string of site-specific urban microclimates along the stretch of railway that include sunny, shady, wet, dry, windy, and sheltered spaces.

High Line Section 2

Through a strategy of agri-tecture—part agriculture, part architecture—the High Line surface is digitized into discrete units of paving and planting which are assembled along the 1.5 miles into a variety of gradients from 100% paving to 100% soft, richly vegetated biotopes.

High Line Section 2

The paving system consists of individual pre-cast concrete planks with open joints to encourage emergent growth like wild grass through cracks in the sidewalk. The long paving units have tapered ends that comb into planting beds creating a textured, “pathless” landscape where the public can meander in unscripted ways.

High Line Section 2

The park accommodates the wild, the cultivated, the intimate, and the social. Access points are durational experiences designed to prolong the transition from the frenetic pace of city streets to the slow otherworldly landscape above.

High Line Section 2

  • michelalano

    This is one of the best, well-executed public projects I've ever seen, and definitely a gem in NYC's hustle and bustle. Kudos to those who had the idea to make such good use of an abandoned railway and also to the designers for such a well planned implementation. I think they should continue to build "highlines" throughout the city. Nowhere else can you walk 22 blocks without stopping at a red light or risking your life against cab drivers.

  • Martypelo

    a thing of beauty !

  • edward44

    Brilliant idea for reuse and sensible low key design. Bravo!

  • I cant wait to go!

  • Charlie Ross

    One of the best public space projects i think i've ever seen. It would be great to implement something like this over here in UK citys. Really nice work.

  • These initiatives should be implemented in every major city. Since humanity has officially become an urban species (there are more people now living in cities than in the country) we need to bring back Nature to our habitats. It will help to reduce the heat reflected by the pavement of our streets, which would also reduce in air conditioning costs, and so on and so forth.

    I sincerely hope the people behind this project share their experiences with city planners in other countries.

    • >50%urban

      "there are more people now living in cities than in the country"
      You didn't need to tell us – if I hear that statistic one more time…

      But yes, this is one of the best public space projects out there – brilliant!

  • Jack

    The best thing i have seen in a long time.

  • yuc

    That is still like a dream even after its realization, because it puts you in a somewhat surreal world. Paris has it since long time (promenade plantée), now New York, whose next, may be the Roman viaduct in İstanbul?

    I hope such elements in their new context waken the city planners from their banal real world into the new dreams about the city.

  • Really nice and great idea for NY City !! Same project in the 12th district of Paris – France. 3 miles of abandoned railway called "La coulée verte". Urban project by Ricardo Bofill architect completed at the end of 80'…

  • Vincent

    Actually in Rotterdam they also want to turn a elevated line into a park. Look here:… (sorry no english site)

    Btw. The wall on the 3rd picture looks still so lovely bare, clean and vintage, with that bricks and old lettering. I hope the graffitipeople don't give it a ghetto-look.

  • claystephens

    Re-purposing brought to new heights! litterally! Great idea!

  • jaime

    Can't wait till I'm there in August!

  • e1027

    whoa! that 4th from last photo – it's like a new broadway

  • Gaikotsujin

    Looks great. Won't it need at last the same infrastructure maintenance as the rail line to keep the structure from failing down?

    How long before they have to put up higher fences to keep people from jumping or repelling off.

  • The same in Paris, France

  • Why do people feel the need to photograph public spaces without people!?! Good to see people chilling in one pick.. but it's a public space! Show people in it.

  • this is one of the great example of renew urban public space project.

  • This is a great use of redundant infrastructure.

  • Joan

    It's been eight years since I've been to New York. Saw this on the news this evening. This alone makes me want to go. So absolutely beautiful. To enjoy the frenetic pace of NYC in an absolutely peaceful park. Stunning. Thank God there are people in this world who think about creating things for others to enjoy.