Folly for a Flyover
by Assemble


Non-profit organisation Assemble have constructed a temporary canal-side cinema under a London motorway flyover.

Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

Folly for a Flyover was assembled by a team of volunteers over the course of a month, using reclaimed and donated materials.

Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

It remains in place for six weeks, staging a series of movies and performances as part of the Create festival.

Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

Built from bricks of clay and wood and supported by scaffolding, the structure encloses a cafe, bar and cinema stalls.

Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

Visitors can also take trips to the nearby Olympic site aboard rowing boats and canoes that depart from a wooden jetty on the canal bank.

Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

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Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

Photography is by Assemble.

Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

Here are some more details from Assemble:

Folly for a Flyover

On 24th June, a building will appear in the gap between the east and westbound traffic of the A12.

Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

Transforming the cavernous undercroft where the motorway crosses the Lea Navigation Canal, Folly for a Flyover will host a six week programme of waterside cinema, performance and play.

Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

Hand-built with local, reclaimed and donated materials, the Folly draws influence from the surrounding red-brick buildings of Hackney Wick, posing as an imaginary piece of the area’s past, a building trapped under the motorway.

Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

By day the folly will host a café, workshops and events and boat trips exploring the surrounding waterways.

Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

At night there will be screenings ranging from animation classics to early and experimental cinema with live scores, light shows and performances.

Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

Like a giant construction-kit, the folly will be built over the period of a month by a team of volunteers.

Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

Having served one purpose it will be disassembled at the end of the summer, and the compents will find new uses across the local area.

Folly for a Flyover by Assemble

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  • swift kick

    This project looks amazing. A good reason to go to Hackney Wick.

    I could be wrong, but it looks like those bricks just stacked without any mortar? Even with scaffolding behind isn't that slightly… unstable?

  • icytangle

    what a fantastic idea! It would be good to see an image from the motorway looking down, or just catching a glimpse of the roof apex.

  • Jane

    they are drilled and strung together with rope. They are mortarless so the building can be taken apart and re-used in other projects.

  • tnds

    Really digging this. Perfect siting for the project. Hopefully it inspires more interventions.

  • Adarsha

    Nice intervention… I would have preferred lighter coloured materials. The presently chosen palete makes the already dark space underneath the flyover. But, as i said, that is what i would have prefered. This work looks amazing. This could be a very good example for developing/ under developed nations to revitalise such areas, with minimum changes in the physical environment.

  • pwnado season

    A really great project. Shame about the hipsters.

  • Nico

    Just curious about the level of noise from the motorway above? Is it a big distraction?

  • Mac

    The minute you use a folly as a cinema, it’s not a folly anymore…. They basically built a deconstructable cinema! A nice one though, but not a folly.

  • dean

    Bizarrely, they haven't mentioned that the bricks are timber, rather than clay otherwise you probably wouldn't want to go in it. . . . Also the comment about the noise, surprisingly it really isn't noticeable at all. Not sure about the boat trips though as that section of the canal has a layer or weed/sludge about a foot thick! And obviously it is not a folly, that word is seemingly just used because it sounds quaint. Overall though, a really nice intervention.

  • Charlie

    I'd read about temporary movie theaters in standing (if abandoned) structures (like gas stations:… but this kind of project is new to me. I think it's a great idea, whimsical without being overly precious. It must have turned more than a few heads.