Blast by
Guy Mishaly


An explosion created these stools by Israeli designer Guy Mishaly.

Blast by Guy Mishaly

Each Blast stool is made by detonating a charge inside a steel blank, ripping legs out of the sides so that every one is unique.

Blast by Guy Mishaly

No material is lost in the explosion and each stool has the same weight before and after detonation.

Blast by Guy Mishaly

Mishaly developed the project while studying at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

Blast by Guy Mishaly

Photography is by Oded Antman.

Blast by Guy Mishaly

The information below is from Guy Mishaly:

Blast - stools created by explosion

Industries develop in different regions around a quarry or readily available raw materials.  The sphere of destruction is so developed in Israel that it can almost be considered a local “raw material” around which various industries and tremendous knowledge have developed.

Blast by Guy Mishaly

Blast is a project in which I use this “raw material” but create objects that are disconnected from the immediate associative context and embody a new interpretation of familiar ground, while taking the explosive element and using it as a tool.

Blast by Guy Mishaly

The objects start out as geometric shapes made of metal sheets that are webbed with explosive material. The explosion changes the generic shape into an object identified as having a unique character, and the effects of the explosion will always yield different objects.

Blast by Guy Mishaly

The enter point to this project was how to navigate energy; creating by manipulating energy that is naturally used to harm and destroy.

Blast by Guy Mishaly

Another goal was to invent a system that in the same way of use will always provide different results.

30 x 30 x 50 cm

  • José

    Hahaha, so ironic! Love it.

  • Amir

    wonderful project
    respect from tel aviv !

  • Marianne Gooding

    This is just ridiculous! The end result is also sharp and dangerous, not to mention the effort involved in producing a useless object.
    My goodness i can't believe the stupidity!

    • wpgmb

      I agree. The Middle East has enough explosions occurring already.

      • MICCI

        its already enough envolving politics in everything.we talking about cosmopolit new world and art should one of the leading factors to help us out of this bullsheet.ITS ABEAUTIFUL WORK AND ONE SHOULD APRECIATES IT

    • Sérgio C

      Design as Critical Tool. Never heard?
      Not all the things have to be made for a confortable unthinking use.

      • Tas223

        Maybe a critical art is just another excuse to create something, when maybe we should be creating nothing. I don't think this says anything that we don't already know…

  • H-J

    Nice to see an Israeli using explosives in a positive way.

  • Nam

    it is copy of Oskar Zieta, but poor copy

  • Andrew Owl

    What you have to do for 15min of fame…not even.

    • Hercule Poirot

      15 minutes of flame ?

  • JEW!

    How Ironic… Israelis blowing up things… Who would have heard..?

  • Well, I hope the designer has already sent a nice set of these stools to Mr. Netanyahu —otherwise it's all for show ;)

  • mik

    Its avery unussual way to create aan object the final product is unique and impresive keep on walking on the same directin and you ll go far.

  • C_4

    Not a really good project…. interesting idea maybe – but perhaps smaller less powerfull explosions would better shape the object rather than blowing the $%#! out of it. I Agree with Nam, Oskar Zieta does a better job of shaping the metal stools in his works.

    • mik

      If you would have read some details you would know that not one gram of matiriial is lost.its got the same weight before and after the explosion.

  • mik

    To use such a destroying energy to create such lovely and sophisticated items is a dream that comes true. it is a miracle. i salute you.

  • The Observer

    Is it just me or does it seem MIK is in love with this guy? or is he the guy himself…?
    Anyway, seems like a pointless project, Boom Boom… So what?

    • miccci

      I don t think you realize that a new way of creating a product was discovered. discovering something realy new in our days. you can t take for granted.give it one more thought.

  • japr

    everything involved with this thing might belong the art world, but it's all for a little stool. so much complicated things involved that could have a political or /and phylosophical message…, but this is not happening. Let furniture producers do furniture, this isn't a nice nor a confortable stool, so why not going one step futher and give an adult message with such effort behind. By the way, I appreciate this guy's energy, but please come on………….

  • miccci

    You didn t realy think that its made for a dining room table.wake up.its a piece of art!!!.