Solid desk accessories by Magnus Pettersen


Solid desk accessories by Magnus Pettersen

Can't get enough concrete? Here's a range of concrete stationery by London designer Magnus Pettersen.

Solid desk accessories by Magnus Pettersen

Called Solid, the series includes a tape dispenser, pen pot and tray.

Solid desk accessories by Magnus Pettersen

The pieces are cast by hand at Pettersen's studio in Stoke Newington, which is just round the corner from Dezeen's offices.

Solid desk accessories by Magnus Pettersen

Originally from Norway, Pettersen came to the UK to study product and furniture design at Kingston University then took an MA in industrial design at Central Saint Martins.

Solid desk accessories by Magnus Pettersen

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  • H-J

    He forgot to cast the keyboard, mouse and pen…

  • I suppose if you absolutely have to have concrete, these are beautiful in a minimalist kind of way. Glad someone is doing something that isn't plastic.

  • NBY

    I wonder if this set was his source of inspiration:
    Nice work although i Think they have taken the idea a few steps further.

  • zagato

    NBY, similar although these look a lot better.
    And, by the way, looking at these UMAMY, concrete Iphone stand?? I agree with you they take it a step further, shame it's in the wrong direction..

  • zee

    can't like this despite its apparent 'nicety'.

    using the same material regardless of an object's function, just to create a set?
    so passé.

  • Max

    I'm wondering what could happened if one of these fall on the ground ?

  • really like the concrete desk accessories…..we do alot with aluminum but not concrete…thanks


  • Jimmy Jones

    I think they look really nice and blend in well with the office environment without being too distracting and causing procrastination.

    I prefer this to the dull standard IKEA style offices we have all come to expect.