Marcel Wanders for Marks & Spencer


Marcel Wanders M&S

London Design Festival 2011: Dutch designer Marcel Wanders launched a collection for British retailer Marks & Spencer in London last night, including a pair of gloves with one gold finger tip (below).

Marcel Wanders M&S

The collection for Christmas comprises accessories for men and women, confectionary, cosmetics, homeware and decorations.

Marcel Wanders M&S

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Marcel Wanders M&S

Wanders also presents a photographic installation with mermaids floating among the Moooi collection in London this week.

Marcel Wanders M&S

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Marcel Wanders M&S

Here's some more information from Marks & Spencer:

Marks & Spencer Launches Design Collaboration with Marcel Wanders

On 12th October M&S will launch an exciting new Christmas product range under the creative direction of world renowned designer, Marcel Wanders.

Marcel Wanders M&S

The ‘Marcel Wanders for M&S’ collection is a cohesive gifting range that includes men’s and women’s accessories, cakes and confectionary, cosmetics, Christmas decorations and homewares.

Marcel Wanders M&S

Displayed in store in a unique Marcel Wanders designed gift shop, the collection has been created to excite and surprise customers this Christmas, offering a range of individual and inspiring Christmas gifts.

Marcel Wanders M&S

This is the first time M&S has worked with a single designer to create a collection that spans a range of product areas encompassing food, clothing and home. Marcel was selected for his international reputation, as one of the world’s most influential product and interior designers his work is shown in some of the world’s most important collections including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and San Francisco and the V&A in London. Synonymous with cutting edge design, Marcel co-founded the internationally renowned interiors brand Moooi and has worked with a host of global design brands as well as working on architectural and interior design projects.

Marcel Wanders M&S

The collection comprises over 150 uniquely designed gifts with the Marcel Wanders gift shop present in 60 stores nationwide and a virtual shop avaible online at

Marcel Wanders M&S

Stand out products include the unique Teddy Bear nightlight with illuminating nose, an interchangeable set of cufflinks depicting King Henry the VIII and this six wives and the must-have ‘gold finger’ gloves in red leather.

Marcel Wanders M&S

Marc Bolland, Chief Executive, M&S says: “Marcel Wanders is an internationally acclaimed designer and I’ve long admired his original and cutting edge approach to design.

Marcel Wanders M&S

Marcel brings something new and exciting to our Christmas gifting range and I think our customers will be surprised and inspired by his unique and cutting edge designs.”

Marcel Wanders M&S

Marcel Wanders says: “I wanted to create a new collection of personal objects from my heart to you. Design allows us to reach out and inspire and I am so pleased M&S have joined me in my quest to make beautiful design accessible for everyone”.

Marcel Wanders M&S

  • Brian

    I miss Marcel the intrepid designer with braces. The young guy who gave us the Snotty Vase, the Sponge Vase, the Knotted Chair…

    Now we're stuck with Marcel the egomaniacal stylist who every year, creates more crap for the world to consume.

    What happened to the Wanders who wondered? What happened to the Wanders who inspired me to look at the world differently?

  • capslock

    agreed. well i never really looked up to the guy . The black leather bag is ok in the last pic but the rest are just trinkets.
    The watches look like something you buy off the plastic watch stand on the pharmacy counter. tacky.

  • I love your job, Marcel.. So inspiration.

  • Kris

    It is really hard to find the Marcel that once inspired many in the design world in these consumer products which to me can only be viewed more as novelty items. Everyone has to make a living but I have never seen one designer stray so far from their original ethics and ideas. Those first ideas were delightful

    These are dreadful.

  • Kris

    "Synonymous with cutting edge design"… 10 years ago.

  • douglas montgomery

    I like the cuff-links idea, and I sometimes like what he does. But the rest here is just a conveyor belt of generic trinkets and baubles designed off-the-cuff to mesmerise Interior Design hobbyists, and bored Stepford residents.

  • Abaddon

    The signature face print of the collection seems more than a little reminiscent of the Jean-Michel Jarre 'Concerts in China' album cover…

  • hybridthoughts

    I find really shocking that adjectives such as 'inspiring', 'cutting-edge', 'exciting', 'surprising' and so on, can still be attributed to Marcel Wanders' recent work and this M&S collection in particular. Both Mooi, as a brand, and Marcel's eccentric persona represent everything that is most decadent and backward in design. I sincerely hope that consumers wake up to the fact that they are being ripped off by overly self-indulgent designers who, quite uncritically, carry on depleting our ecosystem and littering our world with rubbish. Designers, the media, and consumers should stop celebrating frugality and look back to the essential values we lost and reintegrate them into our material culture.

    This is not about aesthetically questionable products anymore. It's about a sustainable, meaningful future.

    Marcel, it is time for you to go into retirement, quite frankly. You got enough cash already…

  • TK Maxx are drooling in anticipation of lots of new stock.

  • unimpressed london

    what is so worrying is that Marc Bolland understands the M&S customer so little that he thinks these tacky, over-designed mish mash of clutter is going to appeal to them. please MB – cut your losses and take this rubbish off display and put in its place something that sells.

  • Angry Of Mayfair

    You are right Unimpressed Of London!! Marc Bolland seems to understand nothing of the M and S psyche. What he does understand though is how to look after his friends. This man (also of Dutch origin – coincidence???) waves the flag for 'Britishness' and then goes and hires a has been Dutchman to design his products. Does anyone else smell a rat???/