Salon by Lee Broom


Salon by Lee Broom

London Design Festival 2011: designer Lee Broom launches a collection of  upholstery with studded detailing at his east London studio this week.

Salon by Lee Broom

The Salon collection is inspired by 1930s elegance and is composed of an armchair, dining chair, sofa, footstool, drum seat and cushions.

Salon by Lee Broom

The furniture is upholstered in either wool or leather in a range of neutral shades, with metallised or powder-coated stud detailing.

Salon by Lee Broom

Salon is Broom's first upholstery collection and combines his experience in the fashion industry with his signature luxurious hand-finished products.

Salon by Lee Broom

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Salon by Lee Broom

Here is some more information from Lee Broom:

This year, award-winning British designer Lee Broom launches his fifth collection at the London Design Festival, a dramatic debut upholstery collection entitled ‘Salon’.

Inspired by the curvaceous lines of 1930s upholstery, with a hint of fashion fetishism, the new collection features soft silhouettes contrasted and accentuated with modern stud detailing. True to Broom’s signature style and ethos, the polished collection has been created using traditional British craftsmanship.

Salon by Lee Broom

The Salon collection includes six pieces - an armchair, dining chair, sofa, footstool, drum seat and cushions. Available in a refined palette of beiges, greys, blacks and whites, there is also a choice of wool, velvet and leather finishes.

In upholstery, studding is traditionally used to hide elements of the manufacturing process. For Salon, however, Broom has chosen to focus on this detail and exaggerate it, creating an edgy modern look, which echoes similar finishing found in luxury fashion accessories and punk rock couture. The hand finished and hand-applied studs, available in faceted gold or gun metal, are softened by the fluidity of the furniture; while complementary studding in the same colour as the fabrics creates a shadow effect in the relief.

Salon by Lee Broom

Designing an upholstery collection was a natural progression for Broom. Inspired by his theatre and fashion background and an experience of designing bespoke furniture pieces for interiors projects, Broom thrives on the direct involvement of working side-by-side with his manufacturers to produce hand-finished pieces.

“I have wanted to create an upholstery collection for a while; my experience in fashion taught me the importance of beautiful tailoring in design and working with British manufacturers allowed me to be entirely hands-on in the design process. The collection has been brought to life through a combination of traditional techniques and contemporary finishes.” Lee Broom

Salon by Lee Broom

  • peter

    Sorry, its such a style over substance collection.

    Much better things to celebrate at a time like this.

  • GJS

    Get thee to Essex Lee Broom

  • Yaniv Peer

    Style and vision and optimism is what allows others to be optimistic and inspired…. well done Lee i think you have talent. I do however have to agree a little with peter about the substance. Lee, what materials did you use? did you consider their life cycles and whether they can be recycled and not just "downcycled"? Apart from that great job… look forward to seeing more of your work.

  • Beardy S

    Broom talks, and acts, and designs like a fashion designer because he is one. This range is shallow and short lived.

    Just like most fashion.

  • Check out his website – several of his prior collections are made from repurposed glassware, chairs, etc. Agree this particular collection is about looks but it's just lovely and handy for a bit of an escape.

  • Douglas M.

    @peter and Beardy S

    "Sorry, its such a style over substance collection. "

    Exactly how profound can a sofa be expected to be?

    Its a recuperation device. To sit on. Hopefully purchased by someone who appreciates it.

    What aspect of it would make the user more likely to tire of it, and dispense with it, than any other sofa?

    There are enough designers creating studied modesty.

    Some people think this looks good – thats not a crime. And as someone says – its optimistic. Design is not really meant to make you suffer, or force you into a state of repentance.