Apartment in San Sebastian by Pauzarq


Apartment in San Sebastian by Pauzarq

Rough concrete columns and beams frame the living room ceiling of an apartment in San Sebastian.

Apartment in San Sebastian by Pauzarq

The beachside apartment was renovated by local architects Pauzarq, who removed partitions that previously split a bay window into three separate rooms.

Apartment in San Sebastian by Pauzarq

The open-plan living and dining room now face the entire window and lead out to a balcony beyond.

Apartment in San Sebastian by Pauzarq

A recessed skirting creates a visual break between new interior walls and a retained timber floor, as well as around the doorframes.

Apartment in San Sebastian by Pauzarq

Pendant lamps with slack wire hang from the apartment ceiling.

Apartment in San Sebastian by Pauzarq

We recently grouped together stories about buildings that intentionally look as if the builders haven't quite finished up - see all the projects here.

Apartment in San Sebastian by Pauzarq

The description below is from Pauzarq:

Apartment in San Sebastian (Spain) by pauzarq

The renovated flat is located in a residential building in the district of Gros, a few steps away from the beach Zurriola in San Sebastian.

Apartment in San Sebastian by Pauzarq

The old apartment layout was characterized by the succession of different independent rooms, communicated through a single distributing corridor. This situation generated the division of the wide bay window into three separate pieces, impeding its overall perception.

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The bay window is recovered as the cornerstone of the apartment where the kitchen-living-dining room is located. That is the public area of the flat, close to the entry. The orientation is double-facing, allowing double cross ventilation and lighting in this centrepiece of the home. On the other hand, one bedroom is located in each piece with balcony.

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The reform aims to enhance the structural value of the building and for that we discover the concrete beams and pillars of the centrepiece. The visual potential of these elements added to the great floor-to-ceiling height of the flat gives to this area its prominent role. As well, we decided to keep the old wooden floor, the new partitions should be light, taking care of the feeling they appear to levitate above the continuous original floor. Consequently we executed a recessed skirting solution that runs the flat and adapts as a door frame.

Apartment in San Sebastian by Pauzarq

Work: Apartment renovation in San Sebastian (Spain)
Location: Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain)
Renovated area: 95 m²
Year: 2011
Architects: pauzarq (Felipe Pérez Aurtenetxe, Elena Usabiaga Usandizaga, Gerardo Zarrabeitia Ullíbarri)

  • nathan6100

    Someones definately been to Ikea!

  • edward

    Very good! I especially like the retention of the exposed structure as a design feature contrary to Dezeen's snide comment about it looking like the builders have not "finished up'. Obviously opening up the apartment is well established as modern practice, but good job all the same.

    • The reason the 'unfinished' nature of the concrete works in this case, is because it contrasts with the polished and clean surfaces of the other elements. Whereas in other previous examples, the 'unfinished' textures were too dominant.

  • fernando

    it might all be from Ikea but thoughtfully done – someone could have spent a lot more on fancy brands to much less effect. Nicely done!

  • You know? Good job! if the photos had been taken without furniture they would show the real essence of the housea.

    Zorionak, suerte askok aukitzia da halako blog batian agertzia…

  • jonny

    Great combination of columns, nice classic heatings and modern details like the lights and the space distribution!looks like the mix-match of three different apartments in one, with an excellent result. I specially like the fresh and cosy 'unfinished' atmosphere.

  • Angelica

    While looking at the pics, I can't help but feel it's ripped off the pages of Ikea.

  • johnD

    Where can i get this kind of lightning (just colored wired lights hanging from the ceiling)?