Steve Jobs 1955-2011


Steve Jobs 1055-2011

Dezeen Wire: Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple, has died, the company has announced. He was 56. Apple's homepage is today dedicated to a photo of Jobs (above) and, instead of product news, hosts a short statement which starts "Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being".

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  • Farewell, Mr Jobs! thanks for all your hard work

  • badconsumer

    He did for electronics and modern industrial design what Harvey Earl did in his time – put fins on everything and wait for the consumers to turn their homes into landfill.
    He was a great businessman/promoter though, but pity those that think he contributed to good design. Just shows how easily even the supposedly educated designer can become sheep to waste and style.

    • Marc

      Easy buddy, way to go on the offense. No one in this post mentioned the word "design". "Creative" can be an adjective attributed to, hmmm, I don't know, maybe thinking up the actual abstract idea of the very personal computer we are now reading this on? Or no, maybe a tiny 1×2 inch silver thing that carries days worth of music for us to listen to during our commute or on trips around the world, the soundtrack to our lives in a little metal sheet? Not only that, but it features highly developed touch technology, a first for an inexpensive consumer product? Or wait, maybe the very idea of a tablet? Maybe that goes under the realm of "creativity"?

      No one called him an expert "designer", don't soil his tribute/eulogy page with a nonsensical college-like project crit, as if anyone gives a clit what your views on his design sense are.

      • serialport

        Just to pull you up….jobs did not invent the tablet. Jobs was great, no doubt, but lets not forget he drew upon existing technologies to make his products possible.
        The best thing Jobs did was cultivate a near blind leadership which forced competitors to step up their game.In many cases, mac was the inferior product but the presentation would have customers think otherwise.

    • Andrew

      For anyone involved in Design (even in a small degree), Steve Jobs, has been incredibly helpful to change how companies consider Design. Most companies are marketing driven and never cared about people and their needs, but just statistics. Jobs had a humanistic approach to business that made Apple thrive even in the middle of a worldwide economic crisis. To deny the cultural and sociological influence on this man since the 7o's is plain stupid, to criticise him when he just died, unrespectful.

    • @badconsumer

      badconsumer you are a bad human being for kicking someone who has just died. You are entitled to your opinion (no matter how misguided it may be, ahem) but I'd suggest this is not the time or the place to air it.

  • tom




  • Juan Manuel

    The Nº1

  • Ocelio cruz

    Mr Jobs… the Great!

  • Anoymous

    your macbook has served me well through the years of college. thank you Mr. Jobs

  • :(

  • Kris

    I'd personally leave design and creativity out of any form of eulogy for this guy. This is his legacy:

    He created products and frenzy far beyond any human (or consumer) need. He was the true master of consumer art. He fooled them all.

  • Perpio

    gracias por existir Steve Jobs

  • His genius lied in recognizing that home computers need not be ugly and clunky gray boxes, and that the better you could enhance the interfaces between humans and technology, the more freedom to express their creativity you would grant to your consumers.

    I put a little homage image at the top of Thursday's news briefs at The Daily Grail —I'm not a Mac user, but I'm a huge Pixar fan— and it was something that took me less than 5 minutes to pull off, and the reason that kind of digital work is so accessible is ALSO thanks (partly) to Steve Jobs.

    Farewell Mr. Jobs. If only I had one tiny fraction of your drive, maybe I wouldn't be complaining so much about the way my career went.

  • iSad
  • robotica

    Did he knew his health condition at the moment of resignation? Is it the reason of resigning? I thought he would at least come to a nice retirement life….but, alas…there is no time….it is sad, and it makes me thinking of other important people….

  • Diego

    Mr Jobs did in 20 years what most of us cannot accomplish in a lifetime. That kind of dedication is sad to see go by, imagine where he may have gone with another 20 years. A great inspiration to u all.