A Path in the Forest by Tetsuo Kondo Architects


A Path in the Forest by Tetsuo Kondo

A walkway by Tetsuo Kondo Architects winds its way around tree trunks and up into the canopy at a park in Tallinn, Estonia.

A Path in the Forest by Tetsuo Kondo

Called A Path in the Forest, the 95-metre trail is supported by a steel tube that rests against the tree trunks, with no additional columns.

A Path in the Forest by Tetsuo Kondo

The installation remains in place in Kadriorg Park until 22 October as part of LIFT11, a festival of urban installations in Tallinn’s public spaces for the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011.

A Path in the Forest by Tetsuo Kondo

Tetsuo Kondo presented a similar structure at the venice Architecture Biennale last year, where visitors walked round a spiralling path and up into a cloud.

A Path in the Forest by Tetsuo Kondo

Here are some more details from the architect:

In the elegant woods of Kadriorg, we added a path.

A path which relies on the forest as it floats through the woods with over 300 years of age.

A Path in the Forest by Tetsuo Kondo

I feel that the appearance of the woods slightly changes when you walk along this path. We no longer are looking up at the woods from the ground but we get closer to the leaves and sliver through the branches. It is a piece of architecture which exists for the woods as the forest exists for the architecture. We can not change the form of the forest but we think the various elements in a forest can become one entity in this condition.

I hope that we can experience a forest, architecture, and an environment which we do not know yet.

A Path in the Forest by Tetsuo Kondo

  • Me

    Very nice and light interpretation, the idea was already there called 'boomkroonpad' (Dutch), translated Tree crown path. But nevertheless this one looks a lot more 'airy'

  • Serge Demulder

    From the last Architecture Biënnale in Venice?

  • elleryxo

    Looks cool, wonder if there is a weight limit?

    Would be cool if the supports connecting to the trees were mirror finished.

  • tanyatelford

    love this, its just a shame its not permanent. Kew gardens has a similar thing doesn't it? (i haven't been though)

  • I am reminded of walkways over the lava fields in Lanzarote. At once part of and separate from your surroundings. Produces a very modern feeling of disconnectedness. Like watching a stabbing from behind double glazing.

  • roro

    it really was like walking on trees because of the shivering of the trees by the wind. very nice experience.

  • Ormar
  • EE1020
    • vampire

      the video feels like 1993…

  • That is a good idea!

  • SC

    How is this built? Is it just a thin sheet of metal say 2 centimetres on a tube? And how are the railings fixed?