Ovo high chair by CuldeSac


Ovo high chair by CuldeSac

Spanish designers CuldeSac have designed this high-chair with removable legs and accessories so that it's still useful when the child starts to grow.

Ovo high chair by CuldeSac

The Ovo high chair for baby equipment brand Micuna has a wipe-clean seat, tray and footrest.

Ovo high chair by CuldeSac

The tray, bars and leg extensions can all be removed as the child grows to let them sit with adults at the dinner table.

Ovo high chair by CuldeSac

Other high chairs designed to change with your child include the classic 1972 Tripp Trapp chair by Peter Opsvik and Maartje Steenkamp's 2003 version for Droog where consumers saw off the legs as the child grows, but Dezeen is too young to have featured either.

Ovo high chair by CuldeSac

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Ovo high chair by CuldeSac

The information below is from the designers:

Being Born Is Beautiful!

CuldeSacTM explores a new language for Micuna’s Ovo high chair

CuldeSac's team grows not only in number, but also in responsibility and in commitment to the environment, family and friends. New personal realities bring new challenges to improve our daily adventures and the human experience behind them. More and more, today’s families live in open multifunctional spaces where everything is in sight. Design is the perfect tool to combine form and content, aesthetics and functionality... But then there are kids, flooding every space with a thousand and one daily survival pieces conceived for parents, designed for children.

With Micuna’s Ovo high chair, CuldeSac chose to delve deep into the language of children’s furniture and translate it to the living spaces of today. The Ovo high chair is able to live among children and grown-ups not requiring to be removed after use thanks to its adaptability to any design environment. Once the aesthetic aspects are resolved, the high chair also reaches the functional demands of all-terrein pieces: washable fabric, baby reins, adjustable tray and footrest.

Furthermore, the Ovo high chair adds an emotional ingredient: its accessories and legs easily adapt to the child’s own growth and take with them their first steps into that other big adventure: growing-up.

  • Awesome! Where can I buy one?

  • Carpe Diem

    Obviously not designed by someone with kids. We'll take the molded plastic one-piece with removable legs from Ikea thanks. A high chair should be like a wheelbarrow – simple, functional, it gets mucky and both can be hosed down on the lawn. There's enough washing to do without the upholstered insert and Ikea looks just fine alongside Sarrinen/Nelson/Panton/Bellmann et al. When the kids get older they're not interested in sitting in a modified high chair, they want to be grown ups and sit on the good stuff. There's a certain pragmatism that comes with kids. I'll keep the change from the Ikea and put it towards something I'll have forever thanks.

  • I want to get me one of these!!

  • I agree with buyer beware. The Ikea one is twelve quid and fits in a dishwasher.

  • tom ford

    It will look great covered in vomit and dried up food bits. A pretentious piece.

  • Bob

    A cadeira é para crianças, não para animais. Os móveis lavados na relva?… Esse argumento é válido para tudo. Principalmente para o carro. A cadeira fica dentro de casa. Ou também se lava a casa à mangueira?

  • LMD101

    This piece doesn't even deserve to be compared to an Ikea.

    Kudos to the designers & Micuna!

  • Check the harnesses for security, make sure there's a bar of some sort between baby's legs to prevent slipping under the tray, and check the overall sturdiness of the high chair.

  • jessica

    I have a one year old and she is eating and feeding the dog and throwing her food on the floor. I would love this chair in our home. It is beautiful. Thanks