Two Nuns Bike by Ron Arad


Designer Ron Arad phoned Dezeen today to ask us to publish a movie of the bike he designed with sprung steel loops instead of spokes and tyres, to prove it works.

Two Nuns Bike by Ron Arad

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  • After WWI in Germany people made tires out of springs since there was a rubber shortage. cool design!

  • slippyfish

    It goes straight, very nicely. Turning on bare metal? Not so much. Cool though. I like how it 'sags' or sits lower once someone is riding.

  • Bassel

    Yuppie! No more laborious air-pumping for flat tires. Metal springs are more environmentally friendly in both manufacturing and recycling than rubber, thus the designer has managed to make the bike even more environmentally friendly than it already is. I'm totally buying.

  • Yup, tires and tubes are the most frustrating part of any bike, but is it worth the tradeoff of a smooth ride? Probably not, but an interesting and nice design nonetheless!

  • Rag

    Great concept, love the obvious cushioning effect.

    Don't love the noise it creates on the road surface or the fact that that was an obvious red light he went straight though (all be it slowly….)

  • Andrew

    imagine when you have to brake and is raining..

  • I like the noise it makes but I wouldn't fancy having to make a sudden stop on it.

  • Donkey

    The noise isn't too bad, sounds just like gentle rain, or a small fountain.

    @Rag – few cyclists pay attention to red lights in London outside of rush hour.

  • Pete Young

    the wheels are pretty cool. Ackerman invented them in 1917. a Google search will bring up some old images of Indian Motorbikes with them, but still using tires.