Design is Dead Pencil by Studiolav


Design is Dead Pencil by Studiolav

London designers Studiolav have declared the pencil redundant and redesigned it for life in a pencil-pot graveyard.

Design is Dead Pencil by Studiolav

The Design is Dead Pencil has a cruciform shape and comes in black, of course.

Design is Dead Pencil by Studiolav

Studiolav was founded by Central Saint Martins graduates Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi.

Design is Dead Pencil by Studiolav

Here's what they say about the design:

Design is Dead Pencil by Studiolav

The pencil has become redundant and widely replaced by software and other computer based tools that form the main mediums for designers to express ideas on every stage of the design process.

Design is Dead Pencil by Studiolav

STUDIOLAV is paying homage to the beloved pencils by creating its sacred symbol to be place in our little “graveyard” on our desk, the pencil holders. A reminder to the extinction of a companion to our creativity.

Design is Dead Pencil by Studiolav

STUDIOLAV is a creative collaboration between Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi. They met while studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and soon after decided to combine their diverse experience, common aesthetics and vision for design.

Through STUDIOLAV they aim to re-invent iconic yet banal designs and render them into contemporary projections of a new era in a playful, fun & sometimes ironic manner. They have worked as design consultants with clients including Habitat, Poliform, BibandSola, Vodafone, Lexmark and have collaborated with design studios such as VW+BS, Paul Cocksedge and Design Clarity.

  • would like to jab one of those into a client's evil heart…

  • Nathan

    Calling the pencil redundant in a creative process is like calling thinking redundant because it can be replaced by computers. Never have I seen cad or like it preforming better in large parts of the creative process then the plain pencil or fineliner. cad and related is just not up there when it comes to speed, feeling, versatility and identity.

  • Fred

    How fantastic pencils turned into crosses, what groundbreaking design; this site needs more originality less modernity. This isn't art!

  • stump

    WTF. Free hand, on site. green tech. A pencil doesnt run out of batteries. It may have taken a step off the pedistal in the design world, but not manufacturing. Long live the carpenters who build the things we love.

  • Dickie Smaber

    Another 'The-pencil-is-dead' declaration. What a stupidity.

  • Nicola

    Its hardly redundant, that's a sweeping statement.

  • jake

    I dont think the person who posted this was actually asking you if the pencil is dead. the statement was relevant to the product you silly design nerds.

  • dead pencil.

  • Ken

    I still use pencils . I buy them in packs !!