Help Remedies by Pearlfisher


Help Remedies by Pearlfisher

If pharmacy packaging leaves you feeling perplexed about what you're taking, then these medicine packets named after symptoms rather than ingredients will be right up your street.

Help Remedies by Pearlfisher

Graphic designers Pearlfisher refreshed the minimalist packaging for pharmaceutical brand Help Remedies, adding colour-coded graphics that illustrate the sizes and shapes of pills or plasters inside.

Help Remedies by Pearlfisher

Other designers promoting stripped-back packaging include Antrepo, who created conceptual labels for well-known supermarket products - see that story here and more stories about packaging here.

Help Remedies by Pearlfisher

The following information is from Pearlfisher:

Pearlfisher refreshes the packaging for Help Remedies as part of the national Take Less campaign.

Pearlfisher has refreshed the packaging for Help Remedies – the New York City-based boutique pharma company and creator of minimalist medicine – as part of Help’s national Take Less campaign.

Founded in 2008, Help Remedies disrupted the staid and samey look of the existing pharma category with a bold but simple range of products titled after the symptom it is meant to solve (e.g) Help I have a headache.

Help is taking the pharma world by storm again with its new Take Less campaign. In a category that traditionally pushes more, extra, bigger, faster, the new Help Remedies campaign is pushing forward with a bold and unique message that less is sometimes more – less drugs, less dyes, less coatings.

As part of the rollout of the Take Less campaign, Pearlfisher was tasked with refreshing the packaging for the existing product range and for the addition of new variants to the portfolio – including Help I have a stuffy nose.

Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher Creative Partner, says, “We have refined the identity and colorcoded the embossed pill shape to make the overall brand architecture more visually strong and to give the brand better stand-out and immediacy of recognition. The design evolution dials up Help’s equities, creating an ownable secondary language through the pill iconography, that will be used across further brand touchpoints and communications.”

Nathan Frank, Founder, Help Remedies, comments, “As a small company rolling out nationally, our packaging is our most important piece of communication. That being said, to litter it with bullet points would go against everything we stand for. Pearlfisher has done a great job in enhancing our identity so that it communicates everything we have to say without having to spell it out, literally.”

The Help Remedies product assortment featuring the new-look packaging will debut this Fall in Walgreens nationwide and select Target stores to complement existing distribution in nationwide retail outlets.

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  • CROFTdesign

    HELP! I'm exhausted and my portfolio is to be complete soon.

  • svp

    Help! I don't know how to ask the pharmacist for advice on what to buy.

    A "take less" campaign which requires a re-branding exercise in order to sell more? Pharmaceutical companies would sell cyanide to kids if they thought they could get away with it.

  • This is dangerous! different maladies can give the same symptoms.

    A telltale sign of our society, no how we always focus on the symptom instead of discovering the real source of the affliction.

    • John R

      I agree completely. I understand the premise of the minimalist movement, but I don't think that minimizing visual clutter should also mean minimizing information. It's the opposite of what design should do. Good design should inform concisely and simply, but this packaging is more confusing for its lack of information.

  • J Ack-Harv

    I would like to know what this packaging is made of, as well as whether there's additional packaging inside each packet? Does it 'take less' from the Earth, or 'give more' by being biodegradable?

  • J Ack-Harv

    Just did a bit of research – creative use of post-industrial recycled paper and biodegradable plastics. Nice one! Like the website too :)

  • chunkbutler

    help! I have an irresistible urge to patronise everyone

  • Audra

    Just purchased the Help, I have a stuffy nose packet at Target. Besides totally doing it’s job and clearing me up, it has an adorable sense of humor. Inside the box, on the blister pack, was a little note that said, “You look terrible.” I find that hilarious! Just what I needed =)

    To answer J Ack-Harv, there is no other packaging inside the packet other than the usual blister packs.

    John R, all of the usual drug facts and other information are included on the outside of the packaging. I certainly didn’t feel as tho I was misinformed in any way.

    And to address this