Temporary Trees
by Raw Color and Mkgk


Dutch Design Week 2011: designers Raw Color and Studio Mkgk present people dressed as trees as part of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven this week.

Temporary Trees by Raw Color and Mkgk

The Temporary Trees series of images and movie feature models in motion with coloured strips of paper, balloons or translucent scarves representing the leaves of different trees.

Temporary Trees by Raw Color and Mkgk

The designers were invited by Eindhoven cultural institute MU to create the project for the Make a Forest initiative, where fake trees are installed all over the world to celebrate the United Nations International Year of Forests.

Temporary Trees by Raw Color and Mkgk

It's on show at Wild-S in the Strijp-S district of Eindhoven.

Temporary Trees by Raw Color and Mkgk

Dutch Design Week continues until 30 October

Temporary Trees by Raw Color and Mkgk

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Temporary Trees by Raw Color and Mkgk

Here are some more details from the designers:

Temporary Trees
Raw Color & Mkgk for MU, Make a Forest

Trees are often regarded as objects and are removed according to the landscape plan ruthlessly. In the Netherlands trees typically reach only one tenth of the age that they could make.

For Raw Color and studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters trees are anything but static. They ever changing life forms that determine how we experience light, shade, wind and changes of the seasons. This observation, is translated to “illusions” of trees in different materials, that represent the life, dynamics and transformation of trees.

The Temporary Trees have a place in the MU pavilion ‘Wild-S’ on the Strijp-S area. Invited by MU the project is part of Make a Forest, an international platform, founded by Joanna van der Zanden and Anne van der Zwaag.

  • Greenish

    I love this, I'd say it's art rather than design, but it's clever and beautiful.

  • nicole

    So beautiful!! I am totally in love with the movement and colors

  • Dajajas

    pure beauty!

  • xtiaan

    fake trees to celebrate the year of the forest seems like an oxymoron to me….go plant some actual trees, or stop existing ones being cut down. I think this kind of thing trivialises the issue if theres no real action associated with it.