The Scotts Tower by UNStudio


The Scotts Tower by UNStudio

Dutch architects UNStudio have unveiled designs for a Singapore skyscraper with chunks missing from its facade.

The Scotts Tower by UNStudio

The proposed Scotts Tower will house gardens, swimming pools and barbeque pavilions inside these gaping voids, named Sky Frames, which will surround both the base of the tower and a cluster of floors near the top.

The Scotts Tower by UNStudio

The tower will be 31 storeys high and provide 231 apartments, including a floor of luxury penthouses, near to shopping district Orchard Road.

The Scotts Tower by UNStudio

UNStudio also recently presented proposals for a cantilevered concrete observation tower and an international airport - see more projects by UNStudio here.

The Scotts Tower by UNStudio

Here's some more text from the architects:

The Scotts Tower (TST), Singapore, 2010

The Scotts Tower SOHO apartment building in Singapore is situated on a prime location, close to the Orchard Road luxury shopping district and with views encompassing both nearby parkland and the panoramic cityscape of Singapore City. The design of the tower embraces both the neighbourhood principle and the history of the city of Singapore, alongside the hybrid conditions created by the prominent blend of architecture and nature inherent to the city.

The Scotts Tower by UNStudio

Neighbourhoods in the sky

The concept of The Scotts Tower is that of a vertical city incorporating a variety of residence types and scales. In addition, outdoor green areas in the form of sky terraces, penthouse roof gardens and individual terraces form an important element of the design. The vertical city concept is interpreted on the tower in three scales; the "city", the "neighbourhood" and the "home". The three elements ofthe vertical city concept along with the green areas are bound together by two gestures: the "vertical frame" and the "sky frames".

The Scotts Tower by UNStudio

The "vertical frame" organises the tower architecturally in an urban manner. The frame gives the tower - on a macro scale - the "vertical city" feel, whilst dividing the four residential clusters (packages) into different "neighbourhoods", which are identified through alterations in the tint of the glass. The micro scale in the design is provided by the balcony variations of the individual residential units, which provide the feeling of "home" (unit identity) to the residents.

The "sky frames" - at the lobby (Level 1 & Level 2) and sky terrace (Level )- organise the amenity spaces and green areas of the tower. They represent the connecting element of the tower to Singapore City; projecting the identity of the tower to the city, whilst simultaneously bringing the city to the tower by framing the cityscape views at the Sky Garden level and embracing the neighbouring green park areas at the Lobby Terrace levels.

The Scotts Tower by UNStudio

Customised living

The four residential clusters are each designed for versatile and customised living. Individual identity is given to each unit by means of type, scale, distribution and articulation of outdoor space, along with the possibility for personalisation of the interior layout. The individual articulation of each cluster within the main framework of the tower is directly related to the organisation and materialisation of the terrace spaces. These varied outdoor spaces afford a choice of views, with corner terraces providing both cityscape panoramas and vistas over the natural landscape adjacent to the building.

The individual residences within each cluster offer a choice of refined living space where craftsmanship, attention to detail, design and material finishes are essential elements of the four unit types.

The Scotts Tower by UNStudio

City Loft, City View, Park View and Penthouses

Situated above the lower sky frame, the hundred and twenty-eight City Loft residences in the first cluster occupy the lower sixteen floors of the tower. Single urban units with a multifunctional design, compact spaces and cutting edge features, the City Loft residences measure 62sqm (669sqft).

The second cluster offers a total of eighty City View units distributed in two clusters. The first cluster shares the first sixteen floor plates with the City Loft residencies. While the second cluster of 48 units runs above the previous package. These urban professional units are characterised by a sophisticated balance of representative and private spaces. The City View units have a floor area of 82sqm (887sqft).

The Scotts Tower by UNStudio

Park View units form the next cluster above the second sky frame, covering five floors and containing twenty units. The Park View urban family residences offer communal and retreat spaces in a motion friendly design, with each covering an area of 122sqm (1315sqft).

Crowning the tower is the final cluster containing one floor of three exclusive Penthouse residences. The Penthouses residences are characterised by prestigious views, distinctive interior spaces, private lobbies and outdoor spaces enjoying the exclusive leisure facilities of private rooftop terraces with an option for private pools. The Penthouse residences have a floor area of 265sqm (2854sqft).

The Scotts Tower by UNStudio

Gardens and recreation

The nearby green area to the West of the tower is extended into the Scotts Road site initially by means of a ground level landscape concept designed by Sitetectonix. This ground level concept incorporates a multi-layered environment which links together the different zones and recreational facilities available to the residents. The various landscape spaces consist of elements including planting, paving, and water features - including recreational water, green waters, vapor waters, water walls and swimming waters.

The landscape is articulated by two areas; urban recreation to the North and enclosure and relaxation to the South.

Recreational facilities within the gardens include a 50 meter lap pool with sunning deck, a children’s pool, a wellness pool, dining & BBQ pavilions, a Meeting pavilion and massage and gym pavilions.

The Scotts Tower by UNStudio

Sky Frames

Vehicular and pedestrian access to the Scotts road tower is also incorporated in this ground level concept. A green gateway to the residences is created by the lower sky frame terrace, the "sky lobby", which is located eight meters above the access routes to the building. This terrace therefore serves to continue the natural landscape of the gardens vertically into the tower, whilst simultaneously providing direct access for the residents to the recreational facilities, without the need to traverse access routes and the main entrance lobby at ground level.

A second sky frame terrace, the "sky garden" is introduced above the third cluster, offering panoramic views and the possibility for use as a social platform for outdoor events. Facilities such as Jacuzzi pools, a swimming pool and a dinning deck can be found in the "sky garden" level.

  • r.

    i'm not usually one to criticize un studio, but i'm wondering if somebody accidentally replaced the original plans for this building with the blueprints for a black and decker vacuum cleaner. among other things, i'm confused by how there is a sky lobby on the ground floor.

  • Renew

    well, UN studio usually comes up with a striking concept first and follows up with the architecture. Here they designed a weird shape and tried to justify everything at the end with some meaningless diagrams. Especially the last one called "skyframes" is completely nonsense. Sorry but it seems Ben van Berkel was not involved at all in this project.

  • rob

    yeah, UN studio goes stacking aswell while leaving behind their smooth biomorph blobbies. better late late than never they must have thought. came out as a surrealist cadavre exquis though, but have patience, one day they'll catch up with their fellow countrymen & specialist in this field MDRDV.

  • H-J


  • Jiro

    Cant blame UNStudio really, I can't really see any intelligent architectural designs coming out of Singapore however intelligent the firm is.

    • howtodisappearcompletelyandneverbefound

      wow, real informative comment here.
      Do you happen to live in Singapore to have this 'in- depth' knowledge?
      If not I suggest not throwing random criticisms like this.
      And yes the building looks awkward, but we can generalize like this. A lot of cities have a bad apple or two in they're skyline as well.

      • YKS

        Gotta agree with Jiro. I live in singapore and there are few if any well designed buildings there (except some shop houses). Its primarily the result of stringent regulations concerning the sellable space that drives the developers to demand 'efficient' designs for the lowest construction cost, which forces the architects to comprimise to the point where most of the condos end up looking the same. I wouldnt be surprised if the final product ends up being even more pared down than that.

  • Michael

    I laughed about the vacuum cleaner comment. Now I can't stop seeing it.

    What has always bothered me with UNStudio's work is the weak connection to their project's immediate environment and setting. Yes, this is a 3D program-diagram with a basic scheme. Yet, it is shaped like an other simple industrial design object.

    It just lacks a sense of completion and unification. Structure and material could be used to create a stronger harmony between the major building components. A stronger discipline could result in what seems like a more finalized design. When examining the ethics of architecture, this serves the client, the inhabitants and likely gives back to the city. How does it serve the language of design, neighboring structures, their inhabitants or it's own site?


  • Petr F.

    please, more buldings like this…:)

    its not stupid cube how is usualy…..its wonderful architecture for 21 century

  • nic

    shows how bad UN studio are now
    making giant mobile phones

  • In general, I miss UN Studio's work from their "blue period"… with that said, I rather like this project, despite not thinking I would initially.. Not saying it's perfect, either.

  • Lew

    Wow – this is hideous! I was wondering where I misplaced my electric razor – now I know where…!

  • mik


    A gigantic gesture like this to have a 2m balcony with wind everywhere is a joke.
    It's not even show off. It is just ugly

  • RichardB

    This to replace OMA's Scotts tower scheme? Seriously? Seems like UN had some form of design constipation, forcing some curves in an otherwise rectilinear form. Pity OMA's scheme was scrapped, it would have been awesome!

  • fivedollarshake

    oh,come on .. :D these guys can't be the same ppl that did the mercedes benz museum! i just refuse to believe it..

  • roel

    wow! do only very conservative people comment on this site?
    come on! let's join un into this century!

  • Andielian

    Looks like foreskin.

  • MTS

    At a cursory glance, it looks like an ostentatious overstuffed Hermes bag.