Free Falling by Ezri Tarazi


Free Falling by Ezri Tarazi

Dezeen in Israel: this chair by designer Ezri Tarazi is formed when a concrete-filled mannequin is dropped onto it from above.

Free Falling by Ezri Tarazi

Named Free Falling, the chair is made from perforated metal, which is initially assembled into a solid prism.

Free Falling by Ezri Tarazi

The female mannequin is then pressed into the prism’s surface to create a subtly different shape each time.

Free Falling by Ezri Tarazi

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Free Falling by Ezri Tarazi

Here's a very short description from Tarazi:

Free Falling

Free Falling is done by transforming a trapezoidal box made from a perforated metal sheets into a chair by the fall of a female mannequin filled with concrete.

Free Falling by Ezri Tarazi

Design: Ezri Tarazi

Free Falling by Ezri Tarazi

Design Assistance: Guy Mishaly and Guy Ben Adon

  • You just *know* this guy used to steal his little sis Barbies when he was making his paper models ;)

  • Yossi

    Amazing work…reminds me of a house I designed by hurling a bunch of 2×4's off the side of a hill.

  • Lea

    just too bad no human bum will ever fit in the dent

  • Frenchy

    Where is my comment guys?

    P.S.: is there a censure now at Dezeen? Because for the 3rd time I send comments on several topics, sometimes it's published and sometimes it's invisible which is often the case now… I will report this on Facebook and Twitter it might draw some attention, (unless I'm wrong!).

  • D_P

    how many times must this be done!

  • H-J

    So Design Academy 5 years ago (or more)…

  • david

    too bad this idea is already a couple of years old!!

    take a look at the Do Hit Chair for Droog Design by Marijn van der Pol

  • Just dumb and unapplicable.