Miami Beach Parking Garage by Zaha Hadid


Miami Beach Parking Garage by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid has become the latest in a string of architects to design a car park for Miami Beach.

Miami Beach Parking Garage by Zaha Hadid

The car park was commissioned following the popularity of other completed Miami garages by architects including Frank Gehry, Enrique Norton and Herzog & de Meuron, whose concrete and glass structure was featured on Dezeen last year.

Miami Beach Parking Garage by Zaha Hadid

The spiralling structure will be located in the Collins Park area in the northeast of South Beach.

Anyone interested in car park design can see a few more here.

Here's some more text from the City of Miami Beach:

Legendary Architect Zaha Hadid Chosen to Design Miami Beach Parking Garage at Collins Park

Architect Zaha Hadid has been chosen by the City of Miami Beach to design its newest parking garage at Collins Park, a neighborhood that’s home to the Miami City Ballet, the Bass Museum, the City Library as well as the Gansevoort, W and Setai luxury hotels. Collins Park is also just blocks away from the Miami Beach Convention Center, the Frank Gehry-designed New World Center and the popular automobile-free Lincoln Road Mall.

Consistently sought-after, Zaha Hadid is the architect of the Aquatic Center for the 2012 London Olympics and the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center. Hadid is the first woman to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize - the profession's highest honor - joins the growing list of world renowned architects who have designed and overseen construction of new parking garages in the City of Miami Beach.

“This is a great opportunity for the City of Miami Beach to expand its commitment to leading edge architectural design,”says Matti Bower, Mayor of the City of Miami Beach.“Even our parking garages are more than a group of parking spaces. Some have become destinations within themselves and have attained individual iconic status. Every building can be a work of art. We are pleased to work with Ms. Hadid and we are delighted with her contemporary and brilliant design for our newest parking garage.”

Miami Beach’s parking garages have received world-wide media attention and have become tourist attractions themselves. They include the Frank-Gehry designed, city-owned, Pennyslvania Avenue Garage; Herzog de Meuron's minimalist, edgy space at 1111 Lincoln Road; Arquitectonica's Ballet Valet Garage at 7th Street and Collins Avenue as well as their newest design in Sunset Harbour, which is currently under construction; Enrique Norton’s newly designed parking garage at 16th Street and Drexel Avenue; and Perkins and Will’s recent City Center Garage Project at 18th Street and Meridian Avenue. Hadid's new design is expected to continue to raise the bar for garages worldwide. The City of Miami Beach is currently working with Ms. Hadid to determine commencement dates for the new garage’s design plans and construction.

  • Bahramerad

    You can tell she does not drive and doesn't know " how " to park a car !

  • Andrea

    because THATS exacly what we need, rollercoaster parking garages

  • edward

    Beautiful…but the folks that have to park in the sun will not appreciate it.

  • Todd

    Why does a parking garage need an atrium?

    • In order to have exciting action film scenes inside it? ;)

  • Aria

    Grossest building ever of all time. Waste of money. Conventional Car-Parks work just fine and what are any of the concepts behind all of her arbitrary moves. Give here some wood, nails and a hammer and see if she can make anything. The era of this architecture is definitively OVER.

    • ale gaddor

      You're right. in fact, ARCHITECTURE DOESN'T NEED ART !!!
      Art-chitecture is just for amusement.

      • onvn

        I'd be interested for you to elaborate. What is it about art that is so trivial to you? The element of art has always been the defining factor between architecture and mere 'buildings', it's interesting to hear someone so assertive about art as you are. Let's hope its not about creating those functionalist structures of post-WWII…..which are getting demolished as prolifically now as they were built then.

  • george

    just because herzog de meuron did a parking garage in miami beach it doesn't mean that now, everyone and his sister has too…

    • john

      it's actually the same investor, so guess he found a niche market that works..

  • alain deloin

    What a fall from grace from what was a genuine practice. What is the end of the parking spiral about? A balcony overlooking a handful of 4×4? How poetic. Looks like an amputee. The visuals are also the driest thing I have seen for ages..

  • Domilly

    Quite ugly – but a continuous parking ramp is not without merit.
    The deco references in the central void are quite resonant but what a waste on a car park.

  • Seems quite a weak image for Hadid to turn out, never the less, the scheme is fundametally and economically floored. Would love to know how many spaces they have got in there?
    I can see some sort of additional wing extensions to try cram in more parking spaces as the original design didn't suffice, wait a minute…?

  • the watchhog

    so the scheme works like this: some investor gets a cretit to build this nonsense, it doesn't pay back, so he can't pay back the credit, so the bank sells its credit to an other one etc until the last one is broke, and the the gov bays back, but gov is broke too, so the tax payer does. Thank you Zaha.

  • michelle

    This woman is a genius. Full stop.

  • Yossi

    Looks like a stack of dinner plates with spaghetti…Zaha must have designed it before lunch.

  • daniel

    is this serious? sorry, but it does looks like a 1h doodle.

  • Charles Lee

    Another one of Zaha Hadid's building types that look like extruded toothpaste. She has a growing coillection.

  • ph-3

    running out of tricks…running out of moves…it all goes down as greed swallows what little talent is left….

  • Michael

    Whoa. What's with all the negativity? Why do car parks have to be typical, boring and ugly? Also, anyone thinking the boring car parks are economical and only designer ones are a waste doesn't know anything about construction costs. We build car parks at 335sf / 30m2 per car (average, with aisles, ramps, stairs) for people to park to go to work in 125sf / 11m2 of office space. Car parks are ALWAYS a waste…at least well designed ones are thought thru. Once you're casting concrete, you nights as well cast beautiful concrete!

  • Alfonso Jaramillo

    Haha Hadid is a great architect..and this parking garage reflects how great she is. To all this people,who do not understand art and architecture,,well..I am can go a park your car some place else….

  • rock

    i'd like to question the social responsibility of the promotors / city of miami; if they put so much importance in a parking building, a single parking building, does that mean they've solved all problems of public health, education, transport, etc, + have really achieved social equity? what are their priorities?
    i love architecture + think it is necessary, but not at the cost of responsible social budgeting of the authorities. despite the fact that it is near the ballet + new world centre, etc, etc, an efficient + optimum building would have served just perfectly.
    this is less a parking building + more a BARKING BUILDING!
    a failure.

  • panulli

    This design is so pointless!
    … and personally I love to read people's comments to Zaha Hadid stories on Dezeen.

  • Antonio

    Wow! Look at all these haters here!! I thought this was a site for professionals. Can't any of you people say anything useful about the design instead of bashing Hadid?

    Usually I'm rather critical of the more recent work of Zaha Hadid's office, but I like this one a lot. The worst thing for a car is to drive a straight angles. Cars have a turning CIRCLE and no a turning ANGLE. Making a free flowing form like this is a logical extrapolation of this.

    @Aria: If this is your philosophy in life: " everything works fine as it is so why change it?" then you should think about ending your design career.

    @ Bahramerad: If you would have actually worked at an office you would know that the intricates of parking a car are not designed by Zaha Hadid herself but by someone else in the office. Carparks have strict compliance regulations. I'm sure that everything is just fine when it comes to parking a car in this parking.
    I'm also curious how you came to this conclusion just looking at this pictures? Or do you have other information?

    @Edward: I agree, despite probably having an AC, It's no fun getting in to your car after it has been sitting in the sun all day! I think there are possibilities of adding some kind of overhead shading to those parts exposed to the sun

    • Adam Lans

      Firstly, I agree that this is a rational design when looking at parking. It's more about how cars move.

      I think you're playing straw man towards Aria's argument. Materials meet each other in reality. There is an assembly to how things are made that gives the design process a higher level of sophistication. The design here may be working at the macro level, but the microlevel is neglected.

      This goes into the later part, about all of the regulations being worked out by the office. These things mustn't be just added on to some conceptual idea. Rather, they should be stitched to it. I think Zaha is adamant to confront these things. Ultimately, resolving the regulations and crafting a big concept is what makes architecture so strong. I believe Zaha again and again does not challenge herself to resolve these things, which is integral to a rigorous process and a rich design.

      Lastly, yes, we are assessing the photos. What is this blog about? It's not really fair to discuss this otherwise.

    • Aria

      Listen chief, have you ever heard of "over-designed?" I suggest you look at some deiter rams or something. Parking garages have real constraints. We live in the real world. Try approving this design with the Miami Department of Transportation. Are you just some minion of her office relegated to defending these horrible renderings in the blog world? You've forgotten things have "Reason, functionality or meaning." This is sculpture not architecture. As for the "end your design career comment," ….if this is considered design…im out.

  • The railings are wondrous indeed, with no visible support struts.

    Perhaps Zaha has access to top-secret Area 51 anti-gravity technology… IWOOT.

    No matter: it looks quite handsome, though as someone who loathes multi-storeys and is a confirmed street-parker, I trust I never have to use it.

    On the other hand, it would make a terrific skateboard and gravity-kart racetrack…

  • e1o27

    folly. and flashy. now if the (quite rightly pointed out above) daft dead end swooped down as the exit, wouldn't that mean the whole thing could be a one-way movement and then circulation half the width or something..?

  • iLOL

    So, having parked at the top you have to walk laps of the building to get down to ground level?

  • J.A

    I respect Zaha as an architect I believe she has wonderful technic and vision. However this designs leaves a lot to be desire as a whole. although the use of curves attracts me the excess use in a parking lot is not advisable, it will be disastrous for drivers to get around. Also, if you look at the design, because of all the curves on the design the actual parking space available is limited, the purpose of a parking space is to maximize the availability of parking spaces. Whats the purpose of the top must portion of the structure? Even though there is an area of parking in that portion of the structure, there's no actual road to get to it. I believe she completely missed the point of the concept of a garage on this design.

  • Antonio

    Finally some useful critic considering the design itself, instead of just bashing for the sake of bashing.

    Indeed it would be great if it was more of an "infinite" loop, the dead end continuing into a downward spiral.

    The patio would be great to facilitate the stairs to get down easily to ground level

    • panulli3

      I think you take this building too seriously. I hope that not even Zaha Hadid herself is serious about this parking garage – but you can never know. ;-)

  • Michael

    If there's anything missing from this post, its some clear diagrams that illustrate the justification for the form, efficiency or otherwise. I don't have an issue with Zaha's over-the-top design style, but taking an otherwise efficiency driven program type, such as a parking garage, and "designing" it for the sake of making it look cool gives architects a bad name.

    At least H&dM challenged the efficiency through innovation in their structure, while also pushing a new sort of program within the structure.

  • LOW

    Hahahaha! The Guggenheim's schizophrenic sister!

  • Spielberg

    FOOLS!! Zaha is a Visionary – period! We have had Jason Statham flie off parking lots in Transporter! How about Tom Cruise in Mission Imposssible!! Are you forgetting Jason Bourne in Bourne Trilology!!!!! Not convinced yet – what about 007!!
    For crying out loud, even A.Jolie did a leap off in in SALT!! Wake up people, we need this Parking Garage ASAP…. there are new action sequences needed everyday, and with a platform deck already in place, slim fragile shiny railings, magnifiscent swooping curves against Palm trees – YES I see it all unfolding into the perfect sequence shot! THANKS TO ZAHA, HAHA!!! Now to find the right actor, hmmm maybe that one with…..

  • John

    I can’t believe this passes for “publishable” in Zaha’s office. Design aside, the images themselves look like they were produced by sophomore architecture students. I’m sure Zaha herself has absolutely nothing to do with this design (in all likeliness, she’s probably only ever seen it once or twice), but to let your firm’s aesthetic standards fall so far is really disgraceful. In my opinion, there’s very little artistic integrity left in that office. Anyways, this parking garage will most likely be in shambles after DD, it doesn’t look like the designers have worked this thing out at all.

  • leenewham

    I'm no fan of Zaha, but I think this is rather beautiful. Infact I was surprised that it had been designed by Zaha, it doesn't seem to have a z in it anywhere! But from the images I can't comment on how it will work. Of course it will have lifts and stairs although these don't appear in the pictures. The images also give no idea of context, a problem with nearly every architectural render these days. It would be good to know more about how it works, how many cars it will 'park', plus any eco credentials, all of which are missing in this.

    So as a picture of a building It looks great, but it's almost impossible to comment any further without the proper information.

  • Penelope

    Nothing new here Zaha, in Caracas in the 1950s dictator Marcos Pérez Jimenez had this structure built, El Helicoide, a shoppoing mall you could wander around without getting off your car:

  • Fiona

    looks slightly like oscar niemeyers museum of contemporary art from the side but after its been chopped into slices and put back together!

  • nick

    And the worse part is that the renders actually look ok, while the real thing in "fairface concrete" will look even more devastating…
    It would be a nice car park for Grand Theft Auto! Imagine, jumping off this amazing roller coaster with a Lamborghini!

  • Fantastic.the design is superb. Thank you Zaha.

  • wait, is it really a car park? woah, the design is wonderful.. but I wonder if it will fit to be a parking lot. it looks dangerous I think..

  • facebookofsexblog

    I like it, it has been a long time since Zaha made some good architecture besides those organic forms with big pitch lines to sell them