Leüthens Kulturhage by Henning Larsen
Architects and Gullik Gulliksen


Kulturhage by Henning Larsen Architects

Danish architects Henning Larsen and Norwegian landscape architect Gullik Gulliksen have won a competition to design municipal offices and a public square in Trondheim, Norway.

Kulturhage by Henning Larsen Architects

Proposed for the southwest area of Leüthens, the project is entitled Leüthens Kulturhage, which translates as “Leüthen’s cultural garden”, and will also include a theatre and cinema.

Kulturhage by Henning Larsen Architects

Inside the office block, displaced floors accommodating meeting areas and balconies will overlook a large atrium that will face the new square.

Kulturhage by Henning Larsen Architects

The project is expected to complete in 2015.

This year Henning Larsen Architects also completed a concert hall in Iceland - see that project here.

Here's some more information from the architects:

Henning Larsen Architects and the Norwegian landscape architect Gullik Gulliksen have won the international competition for a new urban district in Trondheim city centre.

Kulturhage by Henning Larsen Architects

With an innovative, open office building and a new cinema next to the city theatre, the project proposal titled ‘Leüthens Kulturhage’ – ‘Leüthen’s Cultural Garden’ – will bring new life to the area. The building will spearhead the development of green public buildings in Norway. Centered around a new square, the two buildings will create a common identity for the area and bring together the existing educational and cultural institutions.

Kulturhage by Henning Larsen Architects

A unanimous jury selected Henning Larsen Architects’ project as winner of the competition in which a number of Danish and Norwegian architecture studios participated. The jury emphasised the winning proposal’s use of the site potential and interaction with the city and surrounding buildings.

Kulturhage by Henning Larsen Architects

The project covers a total of 39,000 m2 and is expected to be completed during 2015. Henning Larsen Architects has worked in Norway for many years. In 1978, Trondheim University (today called The Norwegian University of Science and Technology) at Dragvoll was inaugurated. Currently, the company is working on a new commercial domicile in Oslo.

  • edward

    Very handsome…not a blob in sight.

  • mlr

    the beautiful renderings seem to conceal what is in reality a completely average building that will not live up to the images, but maybe if the material selection is nice it can still be a fine building…

  • shmark

    “Luxigon” style rendering has officially taken over the world.

  • jedward

    It's really handy that everywhere has such a surreal heavenly glow these days, because without that the project would look grim!