Pro by Konstantin Grcic


Pro by Konstantin Grcic

Industrial designer Konstantin Grcic will present this chair for German manufacturer Flötotto at trade show imm cologne in Germany next week.

Called Pro, the chair was originally designed for schools according to research recommending classroom seating that encourages movement.

It comes in a choice of five bases, six colours and three sizes.

imm cologne takes place from 16 to 22 January 2012. See all our stories about Konstantin Grcic here and our interviews with him on Dezeen Screen.

Pro by Konstantin Grcic

Photography is by Oliviero Toscani.

Here are some more details from Flötotto:

the new chair collection PRO, designed by Konstantin Grcic for the famous German manufacturer Flötotto, celebrates its launch at imm cologne 2012. Innovatively set on stage by Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani, PRO will be presented in hall 11.1. / stand B 042 at the Cologne fair. PRO convinces in its versatility: 3 different sizes, 6 colours and 5 different bases.

At the very beginning of the development PRO was intended to be a chair designed for the usage as school furnishing – Flötotto has a strong heritage in school furniture and aimed to update this success story in a contemporary and innovative way. Due to his functional quality combined with a light and friendly appeal PRO became a truly universal chair family, which can be used in contract as well as in private environments. PRO is a chair which provokes different seating positions and simultaneously stimulates the mobility of the user. Basic concept of the very special design of the PRO chair are recent scientific studies on “Active Seating“ in school rooms.

We cordially invite you to experience PRO; visit Flötotto at imm cologne 2012.

  • bruce

    More obsession with grcic… or is it Starck mk. 2 now? These chairs are pedestrian. Even the hipster with the beard can't make them look good. Though I must admit this is better than his abysmal "blanket-on-a-couch" effort previously covered on this site.

  • johnnas

    I Have loved and respected the work of Grcic for a long time, something seems to be going wrong recently, not least the last photo with the hipper than hip bare feet people. Disappointed but will be happy to be surprised again.

  • H-J

    Is it a tribute to Robin Day?

  • Monk

    is it? or is it? or? seriously, boring never seemed so bored…
    from some designers one can (should) expect more… he really seems to choose some easy escapes lately… not that every chair has to be a 'chair one' but still… seriously?

  • Peter

    I have high respect for Grcic, but to be honest, it somehow gives me a comforting feeling to see that even people like him can create mediocre results from time to time (the Bouroullec´s "Vegetal" chair comes to my mind in that league). In a broader context, i would say that if you want to put out yet another chair these days, it is mandatory that it is really really good and not another product in a catalogue.

  • capslock

    i think this is quite nice. don't understand why everyone is complaining.

  • carsten

    wow, they really offer several colours, genious.

  • Michael

    WOW, Oliviero Toscani! Great shot with all the people. I remember his B&B Italia campaign in the 70'ies. This is so strong for such a product. I like the chair, hope to see it in real soon.

  • Phillip

    Most of the comments here depress me. This chair is intended for schools. As such it needs to be light, strong, comfortable for long periods and to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. It appears to achieve all these objectives beautifully. It doesn't have funky design gimmicks, but is simply good design. More of this work and less designer land-fill please.

    • bruce

      @ Phillip. Light, strong and comfortable chairs are a dime a dozen. Certainly, light, strong, comfortable and affordable chairs are – and I am betting these will not be within the budget of most schools. You say this chair achieves its objectives but, so what, when there are many alternatives that also achieve the same objectives? If you are not going to innovate and improve on what's been done, then it is reasonable for us to ask: why do it at all? What is this design achieving? In a vacuum, where nothing else exists, sure, these chairs are ok. They're fine. But in the context of our world…. well, let me just say that you calling this "beautiful" depresses ME!

      • darnell

        at bruce:

        1) you probably do not know the history of flötotto, because they have a long history in school furniture! I think this chair will have a very affordable price as they know about their responsibility towards the schools! They would never initiate a project which fails already at the beginning by making a bad calculation. That does not make sense, boy.

        2) This chair is innovative and it improves the way of sitting at schools! The shape is a perfect mixture of a tribute to the old flötotto school chairs and a new and at the same time classic shape which transforms functionality into pleasure. It is probably the best chair Konstantin Grcic ever designed! Design is not about inventing something totally new, baby. It is about improving!

        3) Show me a chair that does it better!

        • bruce

          I guess we are agreeing to agree then.

          I said: If you are not going to innovate and improve on what's been done, then it is reasonable for us to ask: why do it at all?

          You said: Design is not about inventing something totally new, baby.

          Only difference I suppose is what we call "improving". I have doubts about this, you don't. That's cool!

          And lastly – best chair he has designed? PErsonally, I think he has designed some dribble, but he has also designed some stunning things too. I don;t think this is his best work but each to their own!

  • Good

    hey hey! why is everybody so upset?

    this is a really good chair!

    if you do not see it, you do not know what design is about!

  • Xit

    Visual lesson / A Morrison Tate chair mixed with a Dixon S chair

    We don't need no education, hey designers leave those kids alone

    Or at least use them in the photoshoot to contextualise the product and give the Ad campaign some sort of relevance

  • The graphic design of this chair is lovely. The color combination is also very attractive. If we used this kind of chairs in our school college then I am sure people will like it. This generation is always like this kind of furniture in their classroom.

  • corbuaddict

    You know what, guys? I am sitting on one of these chairs and it is incredibly comfortable. It supports the back wonderfully and has a great flexibility.

    Of course you can criticise the visuals of such a piece, but you must try it to have an accurate point of view.