Gudpaka Lamp by Great Things to People


Gudpaka Lamp by Great Things to People

Cologne 2012: Chilean studio Great Things to People (GT2P) present this lamp covered in alpaca hair as part of [D3] Talents at imm cologne this week.

Gudpaka Lamp by Great Things to People

The Gudpaka Lamp is shaped into two hairy humps around two bulbs.

Gudpaka Lamp by Great Things to People

It was heat-formed from ABS plastic over an MDF mould, then covered with triangles of plywood on the inside and alpaca hair woven into alpaca felt on the outside.

Gudpaka Lamp by Great Things to People

imm cologne continues until 22 January. See all our stories about the event here.

The information below is from GT2P:

GUDPAKA lamp represents the concept of Digital Crafting in its maximum expression. It brings together manufacturing processes and production from both the field of digital and technological to that of the artisan and low tech. It is a game of opposites. Besides merging digital and traditional (in its manufacturing process), meets also the global and the local (in its design process), vegetable and animal (in its appearance), smooth shapes and flat faces (in its geometry), northern and southern (in the Chilean materials used).

The manufacturing process involved the development of a low cost mould of cut and routed mdf by CNC machinery for thermoforming the structure that supports the materials that converge on the lamp. The inner faces of Coigue plywood were cut by laser cutting machine as well as the alpaca felt strips. Then, the outer covering was woven by hand from wasted hair in the process of obtaining Alpaca wool.

Gudpaka Lamp by Great Things to People

Great things to people (GT2P) is a Chilean studio in a continuous process of research and experimentation in production, technical, functional and aesthetic terms always in search of new proposals.

Its interest in the systematisation of geometric, spatial, natural or artificial phenomena by identifying their variables or relevant parameters (geometry, size, material, etc.) allows creating generative algorithms that can control the form and function.

Gudpaka Lamp by Great Things to People

This focus on the systematisation of knowledge allows accumulating the learning of all the projects in a "library" of DNA or rules of design, which are used in each new project. These are reproduced as many times as necessary on the scale which is required, as in architecture, furniture, objects, or interventions in public space, thus creating standard methodologies for non-standard solutions.

That is how the concept of digital crafting was born, based on the implementation of digital design methodologies and the experience and the know-how of Chilean artisans, who feed and contribute to qualify each "generative algorithms" or DNA. Through this concept GT2P has succeeded in communicating its ability to investigate, explore and experiment with new materials and processes, and integrate technologies CAD/CAM with traditional techniques and knowledge.

  • Christopher

    Chewbacca scrotum. I guess it's true that people need to be shown what they crave next…

  • Julián

    Una lámpara que necesita luz para verse bien en fotos. Buena manera de perderse en el diseño, deslumbrarse con el diseño paramétrico y especulando con la aplicación de un material local como la piel de alpaca.

  • I find it really ridiculous how designers of the last few years that create oversized shades find it necessary to have a shot with someone's head all up inside of it. Why? Would someone ever use it like that? No but it looks cool, right? Not at all, lame!

  • Kind of worried about potential fire hazards, but this looks like a nice playful product.

  • Great, looks like something the Campana's could have done.
    lighten up you need off beat products to balance all the mundane safe design that is everywhere, if anything it is refreshing.

  • Christopher Calero

    Hi this light is cool and all…but I've seen one in this same fashion minus the hairy surface, and look I love Dezeen and all…but come on now, this site needs to featured lighting a bit more…artistic, there's so much placed on modernity and I understand thats what true design is all about…but its like its trying to replace true ART. Look guys I really love this site and tune in everyday but, this lighting isn't special at all…if you really like innovative and truly artistic lamps, check out this new designer called "Lucrecia Moribunda" , now these lamps are something special..

  • p-pod

    there's a fine line between modern and ugly. they just crossed that line.