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FREAKS freearchitects


This movie shows how French studio FREAKS freearchitects stuck huge dimension arrows onto the facade of the French Communist Party Headquarters in Paris in a bid to educate the general public about the importance of architecture.

Completed in the sixties by renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, the building has a glazed curtain wall by French architect Jean Prouvé, on which the installation is affixed.

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  • S. Bohner

    Already done on National Technical Library in Prague (by Projektil Architekti).

  • OPA


    simillar project from prague

  • Adalbert

    Very new, really. National Technical Library in Prague, the exact same thing done by Laboratory (for pretty much the same reasons, only as part of much wider concept of library identity), less than two years ago.

  • Diego Ortúzar

    Nice video, nice expirience, nice building.
    Respect FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The fast-forward was fun to watch.

  • oh…. and the designer supposed to watch for every aspect of their design right? But this time the vertical arrow is right in the line of the flowers from inside… Take a look at around 1:59. From inside looks quite bad. This little aspect should have been also taken in consideration: 30 centimeters they were lower that vertical line, and it wouldn't been that ugly…

  • Accident or stolen idea? As it has been written above already. Similar project was created more than 3 years ago in Prague by Petr Babak from Laboratory studio. Here it is:

  • soul

    but different and much more exciting in the way it has to be considered as a piece of art since applied onto a famous building part of modern history of architecture and not just as a decoration to pump up a boring building facade.

  • Ligre

    Great Ivanhoe! greetings from Tokyo

  • If you looked at the Laboratory studio`s work carefully you would find out an ingenious and entire concept of the whole Technical Library. Then you could not have found it boring at all. Do not be silly! It is not about famous buildings!

  • sag

    yet, the facade is boring, bro.

  • David

    I would say Prague's NTK is a bit boring as well, only type makes it look better, but the building itself?