Reel Cabinet and Tie Desk by Carlsten Thostrup


Reel Cabinet and Tie Desk by Carlstenthostrup

Stockholm 2012: designers Elin Carlsten and Elisabeth Thostrup show this cabinet with sliding metal doors suspended from wheels on a rail as part of the Greenhouse exhibition of young designers at Stockholm Furniture Fair this week. Reel Cabinet and Tie Desk by Carlstenthostrup

They also present a metal desk that's fastened shut with a leather cord around two large buttons, inspired by the fastening on an envelope where string wraps around two paper disks.

Reel Cabinet and Tie Desk by Carlstenthostrup

Stockholm Furniture Fair continues until 11 February and you can see all our stories about it here.

Here are some more details from Carlstenthostrup:

Designer duo Carlsten Thostrup have developed a range of furniture which concern the concepts of identity and origin. It has taken its shape in a number of storage units where the details allow taking over. Welcome to see the Tie-desk and Reel cabinet in our stand, V03: 18.

Reel Cabinet and Tie Desk by Carlstenthostrup

Reel Cabinet

Inspired by the old barn door we designed the Reel Cabinet. A cabinet with large wheels that control the doors.

Reel Cabinet and Tie Desk by Carlstenthostrup

Tie Desk

New York in the 1880s. A new invention of envelopes. "Tension," that opens and are being sealed by wrapping a cord between two round cardboard buttons. A fine detail that we wanted to take on. Which we also had the opportunity to in the process of sketching Tie Desk - our "home office" furniture. Here, we allowed this particular detail to take over. By wrapping the strap around the metal buttons the Tie Desk opens or closes.

Reel Cabinet and Tie Desk by Carlstenthostrup

Tired of all the mess that work from home results in, we decided to design a modern writing desk. Like a box, Tie Desk opens up. When you are finished for the day and close the valves Tie Desk becomes a unique piece of furniture in your home. At the workshop at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, we found each other directly, and our ability to give each other's ideas life, and then together develop them is our greatest strength. It makes our cooperation surprising and enjoyable.

  • I love the blue cabinet – schoolyard chic!

  • It looks very unique. I like the color and the creativity of your project. Really nice.

  • Bodil Johansson

    Grattis, Elin till din kreaktivitet. Trevliga detaljer och härliga färger.Lycka till i framtiden. Kram Bodil och Gösta