Outsiders plush toys
by Atelier Volvox


Slideshow: Zurich designers Atelier Volvox rescued these unloved plush toys and gave them a new lease of life by turning them inside out - eyes and all.

Outsiders plush toys by Atelier Volvox

Samuel Coendet and Lea Gerber collected the toys from second-hand shops and forgotten corners of nursery schools before cutting them open to reverse the fur.

Outsiders plush toys by Atelier Volvox

The Outsiders toys received the Recycling Design Preis 2012 in Germany last week.

Outsiders plush toys by Atelier Volvox

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Outsiders plush toys by Atelier Volvox

Here's a little text from the designers:

Outsiders are second-hand plush toys of various forms and sizes, who are given a new life by opening, reversing and resewing them.

Outsiders plush toys by Atelier Volvox

Due to this procedure an old, worn plush toy becomes a "brand new" product - with a slightly different look. Despite their bizarre appearance, however, Outsiders are friendly and adorable.

Outsiders plush toys by Atelier Volvox

Materials: plush toy; yarn
Source of materials: second hand shops, nursery
Designer: Samuel Coendet, Lea Gerber


Outsiders plush toys by Atelier Volvox

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  • Sma

    now that's wonderful!

  • Frank

    Looks exactly the same as william wilson did with his vintage characters in 2003. http://www.designboom.com/contest/view.php?contes

  • mjk

    ever heard of Annette Messager or William Wilson and his project 'vintage characters' made in 2006?

  • Nadine Meltzer

    These are exactly the same as my favorite project from this competition 5+ years ago! http://www.designboom.com/contest/view.php?contes

  • Jennifer

    Exactly the same as Kent Rogowski's project: http://www.kentrogowski.com/projects/bears/?p=boo

  • Pierre Laramée

    I am sorry to say that we have sold exactly the same toys by william wilson at commissaires, back in 2005. I have one sitting on my desk right in front of me. Odd the Atelier was not aware.

    Pierre Laramée

  • lewis

    So not very original seems to be the consensus

  • Romausris

    disgusting.. for me as a sensitive person.

  • LeeDon

    absolutely brilliant

  • Andrew

    It seems like everyone had done this project before, so let them do it too!

  • Anne

    I'm a little bit afraid of those animals! Sure kids would get nightmares of them…

  • Like the ending of the Simpsons Treehouse of horror 5 @_@

  • Really creative and to think it is also made up of very simple materials. They also look really good.

  • guest

    To the sensitive person above: I understand where you're coming from, but the sensitve person in me feels much worse when such toys are abandoned and forgotten. It's heartwarming to see these guys get a new life. They're still awfully cute and friendly, as the writeup says. And, apparently this project copies a previous one, but that doesn't make me like it less. When an idea is good, it *should* be replicated.

  • Juro

    very nice ….. they looks very friendly ….. more than typical toys :) :)

  • Bettina

    I agree with Jennifer, total rip off of Kent Rogowski's great work from 2000!!! There even is an amazing catalogue (2007) with photographs in exactly the same style as above.

  • Melli

    Looks like Lia Menna Barreto's Inside Out Rabbit from 1995!

  • Bob

    Next time I'll order teddy Inside-Out instead of Unagi.

  • Azra

    The soul is matter; teddy inside- out rules! :D

  • Roy

    Truly cute teddies and a great idea! As the discussion shows, it seems that already several persons came up with it. So, it is basically not astonishing another atelier did just recently. However, it appears odd to me on which basis the persons before can judge if the outsiders are simply a copy/"rip off". I woudn't blame Volvox (2012) as less as I would Wilson (2003) without any substantial reason. Anything else is purely speculative! Indeed "the soul matters" (see above) – let's the outsiders make insiders ;)

  • Ernie

    They need a little sign on each them saying "KILL ME PLEASE, I AM IN GREAT PAIN"

  • Roque

    Ahahaha! It looks weird and creepy but it’s a nice concept :D