Surface Tension Lamp
by Front


Milan 2012: this lamp by Swedish designers Front blows a bubble every few seconds to form a transparent shade round an LED.

Tension Lamp by Front

Over the 50,000-hour life of the bulb the lamp will blow over three million bubble shades.

Tension Lamp by Front

Presented for new Dutch lighting brand Booo, the Surface Tension Lamp is on show at Spazio Rossana Orlandi.

Tension Lamp by Front

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile takes place from 17 to 22 April. See all our stories about Milan 2012 here.

Tension Lamp by Front

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Here's some more information from Front:

Surface Tension Lamp

A bubble is brief, and bursts at your touch. But while it lasts, it catches the light and reflects the room like a multi-coloured temporary structure. We wanted to create a constantly changing lamp that combines the most ephemeral of lampshade with an LED light source that will last for 50 000 hours. In the time it takes the LED to burn out, the lamp will have had 3 million different globe shades.

  • Wow! that is truly amazing.

    So, do you need to keep re-filling the liquid soap content or what?

  • water and electrics! a great combination !!!

    • xtiaan

      dude, did you have a shower today? you are using water and electrics….

  • Airborn

    Combine a child's plaything with electronics to deliver some spectacle and show? Who wants such a thing in an interior? How many soap residue will be deposited in the room? Ever thought of that?

    • clou

      I want such a thing!

      This is a beautiful light/display/concept. The way the room is reflected is stunning and the modulation of the light is also quite nice. It would be interesting to see the light photographed or filmed without outside light to see what kind of light it actually produces, though.

  • xtiaan

    It looks very cool and its an ingenious mechanism…
    but as previous posters have said, Id be concerned about having to refill the thing and soap residue.

  • Dave

    This is great. What are you guys all going on about? Negative…negative…negative. Get a grip and just enjoy something for what it is, an idea. And a beautiful one at that.

    My two best products from Milan this year are Front ones. They rock!

  • Beautiful! As far as soap residue and having to refill the soap.. a dish at the bottom to catch the drip and a 'get up out of the chair and put some soap in' to fill the lamp..
    not really that much effort.. think of it as getting up to turn on a light.

  • dk<<na

    Dave has the right attitude. I love this and to everyone who's concerned about water and electronics: Ever been in a lighted swimming pool or shower? Ever noticed those electric lights and wires everywhere in the rain? Hmmmmmm…
    Hahaha, silly worry-warts!

  • I think it's impractical but I do appreciate the concept of forever changing lamp shades. There is probably a better way to execute the idea shown though, something that doesn't involve having a dish on your floor (although I guess you could put it over a water feature).