Sauna Huginn&Muginn by AtelierFORTE


Sauna Huginn&Muginn by AtelierFORTE

Milan studio AtelierFORTE have built a sauna in the northern Italian countryside that has wings like a bird.

Sauna Huginn&Muginn by AtelierFORTE

Inspired by the Norse myth of raven messengers Huginn and Muninn, the structure is also raised above the ground on wooden legs.

Sauna Huginn&Muginn by AtelierFORTE

A ladder leads up to two people at a time inside the sauna, while portholes frame views out across the surrounding landscape.

Sauna Huginn&Muginn by AtelierFORTE

Other saunas we've featured include one that can be towed like a sledge and one surrounded by a herb gardenSee them both here.

Sauna Huginn&Muginn by AtelierFORTE

Here's some more information from AtelierFORTE:

AtelierFORTE is glad to present the sauna Huginn&Muninn, inspired by the two ravens of Odin. The sauna, built in fir wood, accommodates two people. As the Scandinavian tradition it is powered by a wood stove.

The portholes on the walls, in this case, give an impressive view of hills around Piacenza, Italy.

From the project by Duilio Forte, Huginn&Muninn is built entirely by hand. AtelierFORTE manufactures outdoor saunas since 1994, and every sauna is unique, designed and created ad hoc.

Hugin and Muninn mean "thought" and "memory". Those are the names of the two ravens of Odin. Every day he sends them flying over all the earth, and they come back and tell him everything they have seen and heard.

  • mik

    there is a sauna inside?
    why does a sauna needs to look like a bird?
    I don't believe this is a sauna till I see the interior.
    I have a sauna too.
    dezeen….i am getting sick of these people that don't even show plans.

  • Jeez five photos, but not a single one from the interior?

  • old

    looks great end promising but I have to agree: I am this kind of old fashion architect who like plans. But check there website, they re doing a lot of the same sort of animal wooden strcuture, and some have inside picture.

  • karl

    where do you take your bath after the Bastu?

    • fon

      there's that showerhead shown in one of the pictures.

  • richieweb

    Why it needs wings is beyond me. It doesn't please me. Stilts: YES YES YES. Wings: NO NO NO.

  • fon

    while i agree it would be nice to see more pictures and plans, i don't think it's necessary to berate dezeen or the architect for it.

    i like the story behind the design and would like to know how this thing is standing up. :-)

  • Nelly

    Italian design at its anamorphic best!

  • Nelly

    Though it would be better if the wings meant something other than just to look like a bird.…. It has no wings but every bit is functional.

  • Sea Bass

    Inspired by the Apollo Moon lander??