Private Residence
by Garcia Tamjidi

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Slideshow: Californian architects Garcia Tamjidi have completed a studio apartment in San Francisco that looks more like an art gallery or showroom.

Private Residence by Garcia Tamjidi

Designed for a couple who race motorcycles in their spare time, the apartment has yet to be furnished and currently features a motorbike as its central showpiece.

Private Residence by Garcia Tamjidi

Other pieces of art and sculpture are sparingly located around an open-plan living room that is split into two tiers.

Private Residence by Garcia Tamjidi

A group of closets are clustered at the centre of the space to provide storage for the entire apartment.

Private Residence by Garcia Tamjidi

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Private Residence by Garcia Tamjidi

Photography is by Joe Fletcher.

Private Residence by Garcia Tamjidi

Here's some more information from the architects:

Private Residence, San Francisco, California

Designed for a couple whose hobby is racing motorcycles and setting world land speed records, this flat becomes a private retreat from an adrenaline charged lifestyle.

Private Residence by Garcia Tamjidi

Originally a two bedroom, one and a half bath condominium, the floor plan was stripped of all but completely utilitarian necessities.

Private Residence by Garcia Tamjidi

Organized around a very long double-sided storage wall, retracting fabric scrims are used to create more private areas.

Private Residence by Garcia Tamjidi

The interior view, a place to relax, meditate and dream, provides a counterpoint to the openness of city and water views.

Private Residence by Garcia Tamjidi

Project Size: 1,325 square feet
Project Completed: January 2012

Private Residence by Garcia Tamjidi

Architect: Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design
General Contractor: M J Moore Design and Construction

Furniture: B&B Italia Terminal 1 Day Bed by Jean-Marie Massaud
Art: Sleep 25, Sleep 26 by Gottfried Helnwein, courtesy of Modernism, San Francisco, California

Private Residence by Garcia Tamjidi

Sink: Sabbia by Boffi
Faucet: Liquid by Boffi
Watercloset: Aquia by Toto
Shower: Just Rain by Dornbracht
Bathtub: Iceland Monoblock by Boffi Bathtub Filler: Liquid by Boffi
Powder Room Sink: Zone by Boffi
Powder Room Faucet: Square Rub by Agape Kitchen Sink: Super Single by Blanco Kitchen Faucet: Vela by MGS
Oven/Range: by Meile

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  • widianto

    Simple beautiful design. May be if the bathroom has window with view even nicer.

  • Chris

    'Yet to be furnished', I know it sounds selfish but can we keep it that way? People's personalities always ruin buildings. I am of course joking… somewhat.

  • ogierdebeauseant

    Apparently the clients wealth provides for a variety of abodes and this one is for periods of emotional withdrawal and they don’t really live here. From that standpoint, magnifique!

  • Erin

    Actually, this is their sole residence, and there is no other place they would ever choose to be.

  • Freddy Garcia

    Pure Zen Art chitecture. Anti-horror vacui. Nice.