Movie: The Shard by Renzo Piano
Building Workshop


Movie: this timelapse movie by architectural photographer Paul Raftery and director Dan Lowe shows the final stages of construction for London skyscraper The Shard, designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano.

Overlooking the Thames, the 72-storey mixed-use tower is currently the tallest building in Europe and is due to be inaugurated in July.

We first published designs for The Shard back in 2009, when construction had just begun - take a look here.

Music is by George McLeod.

  • Fantastic! Amazing! What a beautifully shot film of the greatest building in London. And great music too.

    • Chris

      I'll agree that it's a beautiful building but it's hardly the greatest building in London.

  • Mark Astle

    It's an awful building. The biggest penis substitute in London.

    • falic

      you must have a funny looking penis

    • egotist

      the idea that high rise buildings are some sort of penis extension, in the same way that you might describe a fast red car within a midlife crisis, actually indicate an immaturity of understanding of the issues at play. the form of high rise buildings are driven by economic concerns and maximising the return on expensive inner city land. the more you can build, the more you can sell, so high rise buildings take on that shape through a combination of factors that have little to do with gentalia.

      it has nothing to do with architects (and/or penises), so stop trying to pretend that you're cleverer than you are. rather than repeating something someone once said to you that you thought was funny and are now parroting, try to actually think about what you say.

  • @threfoldarch

    It is neither awful nor is it the greatest building in London. It is clear of both these accolades by some margin !