CCTV Headquarters by OMA


CCTV Headquarters by OMA

The China Central Television Headquarters in Beijing by architects OMA are now complete.

CCTV Headquarters by OMA

Top: photograph is by Iwan Baan
Above: photograph is by Philippe Ruault

The CCTV building comprises two towers that lean towards one another and are bridged at both the the top and bottom to form a distorted loop.

CCTV Headquarters by OMA

Above: photograph is by Iwan Baan

The building contains TV studios, offices and facilities for production and broadcasting, which will be put into use later this year.

CCTV Headquarters by OMA

OMA have unveiled a few new projects in the last month, including a performance institute in New York and an arts venue in Moscow. Rem Koolhaas gave Dezeen a quick introduction to that project, which you can watch here.

Here's some more information from OMA:

CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, designed by OMA, completed

Today OMA participated in the official construction completion ceremony for the China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters in Beijing, which will start to be used later this year. Designed by OMA as a reinvention of the skyscraper as a loop, construction on the building began in 2004. At approximately 473, 000m2, CCTV – accommodating TV studios, offices, broadcasting and production facilities – is OMA’s largest ever project and its first major building in China.

CCTV defies the skyscraper’s typical quest for ultimate height. Rising from a common platform, two towers lean towards each other and eventually merge in a perpendicular, 75-metre cantilever. The design combines the entire process of TV-making – formerly scattered in various locations across the city – into a loop of interconnected activities.

The structure of the CCTV Headquarters, and the forces at work within it, is visible on its façade: a web of diagonals that becomes dense in areas of greater stress, looser and more open in areas requiring less support. The façade itself becomes a visual manifestation of the building’s structure.

Rem Koolhaas commented: “I am very happy, after years of intense collaboration, that the CCTV building will soon begin to perform its role in the way it is intended.”

The CCTV project was led by OMA / Rem Koolhaas, former OMA partner Ole Scheeren (until 2010), OMA partner David Gianotten and project manager Dongmei Yao in close collaboration with partners Shohei Shigematsu, Ellen van Loon and Victor van der Chijs. The design team consisted of project architects Anu Leinonen, Charles Berman and Adrianne Fisher together with a team of over 100 architects from OMA.

The structural and MEP design was provided by Cecil Balmond and Arup, while ECADI (East China Architectural Design & Research Institute) functioned as the Local Design Institute. Design Consultants included Front INC, Inside/Outside, DHV, DMJMH+N, Lerch Bates & Associates, LPA, Sandy Brown Associates and Romano Gatland NY.

  • nico

    woah…deja vu?…wasn't this already complete/close to completion then burnt down?

    no mention of that??…hmm

    must have dreamt that : /

  • Marco

    I am very curious to the photos of the interior. Because, in the end, that is what this building has always been claimed to be about : the looped public route offering a behind-the-scenes

    • Exactly. If they haven't shown us pics of the interior by now, chances are there's a good reason for it.

      • Haircut

        Rem showed images of the interior in a lecture recently, it looked great

      • "If they haven't shown us the interior by now, chances are there's a good reason" 100% agree

  • stefan

    I was in Beijing in 2009 and 2011 and the project looked exactly the same. Ah, wait, il was way more dirty in 2011, due to Beijing's pollution.
    is the interior accessible now? did they demolished the 15 meter wall around the project (you can see it in the first and the third image)?

  • Eric B

    settle down archi-creatures, there is no way to deny that this is the greatest building of our time. It will certinaly be represented in every history book. Big ups to RK and SS and everyone wese who worked on this beauttiful monster. amazing

    • erm

      "there is no way to deny that this is the greatest building of our time". Yes there is: this is NOT the greatest building of our time. There you go, it has just been denied.

    • Chris

      You're one of those Chinese government keyboard warriors, aren't you?

    • I'm NOT an archi-creature.

      I'm a Designosaur >:)

  • This is sucha a tragedy (for worlds architecture) :/

  • perigeum

    It's only beautyful in the same sense as Ceausescu’s massive palace .. and also just as scary. If you love architecture, you will hate this. Too bad it was the building adjacent that burt down. ;)

  • psy

    Sometimes Rem's building does not look as convincing as his early buildings were. But it might be because he tries something new and experimental always.
    Can criticize a few buildings of his but cannot blame at his position as a great architect…

  • efs

    How could the "Closed Circuit Television" headquarters of China's National Broadcaster look any other than this. Designed by consummate democrats OMA, it fascinates and warns the viewer via neural alarm when witnessed in the flesh. Aside from all that, it is an exercise in rational circulation, which is all architecture is.

  • nicolas

    they took down the opaque fence a few month ago and seem to be busy to finish the landscape around the building. During that time the TVCC reconstruction goes on and I think they are waiting for the facade to be completed before really opening this stuff.
    The 10m high metal plate fence disappeared and we can now have some new nice views on the building but they build up a new fence which really shows we are not welcome inside. You can forget about the public loop I think. There are as many cameras as there are bars to this fence!
    The whole base, it's not a podium, looks like a public space and could have been a great public space at this location but the 3m high fence crowned by pikes just make me afraid even to get closer.

    Also, on the East side of the CCTV, inside its boundaries, they are building something new. The hole is huge but I really don't know what ii it

  • Maitha abdulaziz

    I really liked the steel structure and the shape which is done in this project. The use of the web diagonal to make it stiff is a good choice and to give it a simple nice elevation.