Harmony Tower by Studio Daniel Libeskind


Harmony Tower by Studio Daniel Libeskind

Skyscrapers in Seoul: this skyscraper with a pointy midriff is the second of two stories about buildings designed for the Yongsan International Business District in Seoul, South Korea, by architect Daniel Libeskind.

Harmony Tower by Studio Daniel Libeskind

Harmony Tower will be located in the north-eastern corner of the new commercial district next to another skyscraper designed by architect Dominique Perrault and will contain offices on 38 of its 46 floors.

Harmony Tower by Studio Daniel Libeskind

Sheltered gardens will line the southern and eastern facades, offering views out towards the nearby Han river.

Harmony Tower by Studio Daniel Libeskind

The base of the building will also taper inwards to create a larger area of landscaping around the entrance.

Harmony Tower by Studio Daniel Libeskind

See more stories about the Yongsan International Business District, including a slideshow of all the projects commissioned by developer DreamHub.

Harmony Tower by Studio Daniel Libeskind

Here's some more information from Studio Daniel Libeskind:

Harmony Tower

Harmony Tower, a project that is part of the new Yongsan International Business district (YIBD)development in Seoul, is an iconic, 21st century sustainable office tower that is 46 floors.

Harmony Tower by Studio Daniel Libeskind

The design for the tower is inspired by YunDeung, traditional Korean paper lanterns. The concept is to create a tower as a faceted lantern, whose multiple planes reflect the sky and the earth and capture the light on its differing angles, creating a glowing gateway and beacon in the YIBD site.

Harmony Tower by Studio Daniel Libeskind

The sculpted tower is subtly shaped by the urban context. The tower tapers at its base to create a feeling of space and openness for the pedestrian plaza. The form then reaches out in the middle of the tower to maximize the floor plates and Han River views and to create a sense of scale marking the gateway from the western entrance to the site. The tower then tapers back and up to its top to allow the most light and air onto the other towers around, creating a strong ascending peak to the tower. The tower form creates multiple perspectives, like a sculpture in the round, with an ever changing public profile responding specifically to the site.

Harmony Tower by Studio Daniel Libeskind

The tower contains unique vertical winter gardens on the south and west facades, providing users access to natural ventilation and planted park settings at each of the 38 office floors. The gardens not only act as a special amenity to all the tenants, but also a buffer to the direct sunlight hitting the glass building. The gardens function as open, park space within the building, but also help to reduce the heat gain and allow the building to function more sustainably. Harmony Tower is a state of the art workplace, interweaving themes of nature, sustainability, and efficiency in a faceted, sculptural form.

Harmony Tower by Studio Daniel Libeskind

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Building size: 100,000 sq.m
Structure: Concrete central core and floor slabs with steel columns and mega bracing
Client: Dream Hub, AMC – Yongsan Development Co., Ltd.

Harmony Tower by Studio Daniel Libeskind

Structural engineer: ARUP
Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing engineer: ARUP
Landscape architect: Martha Schwartz Partners
Lighting designer: Focus Lighting
Status: In design

  • JBlow

    I see Libeskind is still stuck in the Crystal rut.

  • Arch-to-Arch

    It looks like a David Childs / SOM design. Maybe Libeskind learned something from the Freedom Tower after all.

  • Dom

    It actually looks inoffensive compared to previous Libeskind monstrosities.

  • Jonathan Evans

    How lovely it is to slam a professional from anonymity! : ) )
    bring it on, brave nobodies! can't get enough of your knowledge and wit.

  • NotInKansas

    Libeskind says “The tower is inspired by YunDeung, traditional Korean paper lanterns.” So how come it looks like Yun Dung, traditional Korean bullcrap?

  • Is this a Libeskind, or a sketchup model? For a long time i don[t understand this star architect anymore.

  • Ben

    haters gonna hate

  • JayCee

    It’s so boring it should be SOM. This must be a purely commercial project for Libeskind. I doubt the musician himself even looked at the design. Which is probably a good thing.

  • Owen

    I am so glad to see his architecture in my country. Even though it dosen't seem to korean traditional light, 연등 , but i believe that the inspiration doesn't come from visual similarity. Inspiration could come from every thing such as feeling . And transfrom from the feeling to design is his own architectural duty. I hope that he could build nice buildings more and more. thx.

  • JoshuaV

    looks like a taller version of the Cira Center in Philadelphia

    • Chris

      You're right, they're both ugly.

  • RM1967

    Towers in the Park? … Pedestrian Plazas? … Haven't we gone beyond these demonstrably bad and failed ideas about urbanism? Maybe if Libeskind spent more time brushing up on architecture and urbanism instead of convincing himself of his own "genius", he might learn something about real design. This is low-grade hack fare and worthy of every bit of ridicule and derision that will be heaped on it.

  • H-J

    Libeskind has spoiled us in the 70s, 80s and 90s with his drawings, collages, models and competition entries. No matter what he will do nowadays, it will always be less impressive than his early works.

    • Chelsea Girl

      Libeskind's drawings were not that impressive. In the intellectually starved period you described, Libeskind positioned himself as a thinker and somehow got away with it because there wasn't much serious discourse to be compared to. Looking back, we all see him as a smooth-talking con-man now. – If you really want to see impressive architectural drawings, google 'Beaux Arts Architectural Drawings'. Once you see those, Libeskind's doodles start to seem like the pretentious chicken scratch crap they really are.

      • H-J

        "Libeskind's drawings were not that impressive."

        Are you kidding? You consider Chamberworks or Micromegas chicken scratch crap doodling?

        • Duomo

          Libeskind's drawings lacked intellectual substance. Chamberworks was poorly conceived and lacked any substantive refinement. Micromegas was graphic bulls#*t, nothing more.

  • hotte

    this is the past. we should build for the future!

  • STD

    Libeskind says "The tower form creates multiple perspectives, like a sculpture in the round, with an ever changing public profile responding specifically to the site."

    Huh? Who writes this sort of drivel? And exactly how does the form respond specifically to the site? The editors should challenge him on these points.

  • Android22

    This project could be the work of KPF, HOK, SOM or any number of hack firms. In his academic days, Libeskind was harshly critical of corporate architectural firms churning out global products for foreign cities they didn’t understand. Has he looked at his own portfolio lately?

  • PLC

    There’s more architecture in one elevation of a small Peter Zumthor project than there is in Libeskind’s entire portfolio. Libeskind’s projects never progress beyond the dumb diagram. There’s never been any refinement.

  • Colonel Pancake

    There is absolutely nothing added to this tower by denying it's God-anointed right to be a rectangular.

  • Duomo

    Are you sure this is Libeskind? Where are the meaningless diagonal lines?

  • dinleronder

    3 minutes sketchup design, 3 days to render.
    you did well mr libeskind

    • Pound

      Do you think Libeskind devoted 3 whole minutes to this design? I'd say he did a 1 minute doodle on a napkin. That gave him 2 spare minutes to write some BS about being influenced by YunDeung, traditional Korean paper lanterns.

  • JPL

    Harmony? Caucophany, more like. Another dumb Crystal, if you ask me.

  • Wayne

    I see the clear influence of Libeskind’s Micromegas and Chamberworks drawings in this transgressive masterwork.

  • Palumbo

    Libeskind didn't put much effort into this one …. which is probably a good thing.

  • Sandy

    Libeskind is in his Corporate Bland Phase now.

  • Beka

    Where did you download people?

  • Seamus Conroy

    In response to Libeskind's trademark ugliness, it should be called 'DISHARMONY TOWER'.

  • Karl

    There already is a Harmony Tower in Tokyo. Do we really need another?