G-Star RAW Headquarters by OMA


G-Star RAW Headquarters by OMA

Construction has begun on the new OMA-designed headquarters for fashion brand G-Star RAW in Amsterdam, which will feature a facade that slides open.

G-Star RAW Headquarters by OMA

Located within industrial district Zuidoost, the new building will have walls of glass and black concrete.

G-Star RAW Headquarters by OMA

The company's creative activities will be visible through the glazed centre of the long rectangular structure, while everything else will be tucked out of sight above and below.

G-Star RAW Headquarters by OMA

Huge sliding doors will allow the entire north facade of the building to open, leading into a large multipurpose events space that G-Star RAW plan to use for hosting workshops and fashion shows.

G-Star RAW Headquarters by OMA

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G-Star RAW Headquarters by OMA

We've also recently filmed Rem Koolhaas giving an introduction to the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow.

G-Star RAW Headquarters by OMA

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G-Star RAW Headquarters by OMA

Here's some more information from the architects:

OMA designs new G-Star RAW Headquarters

Construction begins today on the OMA-designed headquarters for fashion brand G-Star RAW. The project, led by OMA partners Reinier de Graaf, Ellen van Loon and Rem Koolhaas, will consolidate G-Star RAW’s existing disparate facilities into a single 27.500m2 horizontal building.

G-Star RAW Headquarters by OMA

G-Star RAW will put creativity at the centre of its new headquarters in Amsterdam. The building has been designed to make a distinction between the creative nucleus, containing the core departments of the brand, and the support activities. Contrasting materials are used to mark this difference; the creative core is visible through a glass façade, while the surrounding service ring is discrete, rendered in black concrete. The lower part of the ring forms a plinth for parking and drop-off access and a podium for an ongoing program of events.

G-Star RAW Headquarters by OMA

Located in the industrial Zuidoost area of Amsterdam, the headquarters will also feature a multi-use area – the RAW-space – situated on the north side of the building. A shifting façade will move with the changing uses of the RAW-space; its sliding hangar-style doors will maximize flexibility for events, workshops and fashion shows. The variations in the form will support a dynamic program, reflecting the spirit of G-Star RAW.

Reinier de Graaf commented: “We have programmed into the building the possibility of public activities as well as creative incubation for the next phase of G-Star RAW’s evolution.”

  • Jo

    Even if god himself designed it, it would still be in the most horrendous part of Amsterdam, by the motorway. Inspiration potential: zero. Chance to get mugged when going home from work: 100.

  • Kenny Li

    I often find myself liking a lot of what G-Star design, especially their Bread and Butter shows, but I feel the design ethos has not been successfully scaled and applied in this building… and with a fashion brand this is a pretty poor and condemning result. I fear it's another example of brand power promise failing to deliver, but this time the architect's part!

  • JAmes

    A bland building for an overly branded and tacky clothing brand. They should have made it crappier. But with the progress OMA are making it won't be long before they catch up. meh!

  • Derren

    This building should have been consigned to the archive of OMA buildings that never get published.

  • architect


  • Colonel Pancake

    Am I the only one that likes it?

  • Pygmalion

    I don't understand why they didn't carry on with Wiel Arets' proposal. OMA's dipping in Brutalist era is a bland dish. Shame on G-Star's board that comissioned this junk…

  • Ladieda

    Like the current HQ a lot more…

  • onelab

    too bad that none of you saw the Hadid design for the HQ. Then you would really appreciate the OMA design.

  • Michael

    Wiel Arets design was really good
    (I saw the plans, cause we where to come up with a different scheme)
    – G-star were super ignorant to ditch him. …
    they just went for the fame . The OMA design is really borring!
    but hell: G-star themselves are long time outdated and only sell to farmers out of the province. All they do is restyling.
    Its just a pity to have yet another borring building along the ring …

  • hayden

    Why are the renderings sooo bad ? Surely you can hire some decent vis'rs OMA !

  • OMA is becoming more and more boring… This is right next to that lame bank they did last year. They are becoming the next SOM pretty quickly…

  • Scott W

    I am actually a fan of this design (although I would like to see Wiel Arets’ proposal, since I think he is also an architect of substance and quality). The final result could obviously vary greatly depending on the execution of this project, but sometimes I feel like I am one of the only people who is a fan of OMA’s rebellion against iconic, expensive, and overly pompous designs scribbled out by the likes of Gehry and Hadid.

    I highly prefer OMA’s most recent modern designs such as Milstein Hall, Garage Centre in Moscow, the Shenzhen stock exchange, Rothschild bank, and the Taipei performing arts centre. These buildings are actually realisable and have a true social function that is reflected in their forms.

    If more architects spent more time focusing on the 99.999% of architecture that we ignore, instead of ignorantly applauding the rare .001% of architecture created by people who act more like whimsical romantic artists than architects, we might actually have a world with man-made environments that actually improve society through architecture.

    • Daddy Frank

      I think your confusing “construction” with “architecture”.