Bricolage and Friends

Bricolage and Friends

Dezeen promotion: an exhibition of design from Britain curated by London collective Bricolage Project (above) opens at the Centre Commercial in Paris on Friday.

Bricolage and Friends

Dezeen are media partners for the show, called Bricolage and Friends.

Bricolage and Friends

Pieces presented will include Paper Planes by Studio Glithero, Pendant lamps by Naomi Paul, bangles by Study O Portable and more.

Bricolage and Friends

Invited designers:

» Studio Glithero
» Max Lamb
» Faudet Harrison
» Simone Brewster
» Alon Meron
» Study O Portable
» Thomas Wagner
» Charlotte Nordmoen
» Mentsen

Bricolage Project members:

» Katherine May
» Polly Burton
» Yemi Awosile
» Clara Vuletich
» Naomi Paul

Bricolage and Friends

The exhibition will be open from 1 to 21 June at the Centre Commercial, 2, rue de Marseille, 75010 Paris.

Bricolage and Friends

Here are some more details from Bricolage Project:

Centre CommerCial Presents the exhibition Bricolage and Friends

Design as conceived by five young British women.

In June, Centre Commercial welcomes the British collective ‘Bricolage Project’ for a new exhibition. The collective have been given carte blanche to invite fellow artists from the British design scene to exhibit with them.

Bricolage and Friends celebrates British design and explores the- mes of change and transformation. All of the works shown have been made in England.

Bricolage Project: 5 Women dediCated to design

Bricolage Project is the London based collective of the 5 female designers Katherine May, Polly Burton, Yemi Awosile, Clara Vuletich and Naomi Paul. In addition to their individual work, the five female graduates of the Chelsea College of Art & Design share and develop their talents and resources within the collective. Transparency is at the heart of their work. Breaking away from the hegemony of minimalism in design, they reveal every stage of their creative processes.

“It is about the process of making and crafting, and how good it feels to get your hands dirty, whether you are a professional designer or making in your garden shed. ” Yemi Awosile

Naomi Paul, winner of the Home and Garden Best Young Designer 2012, is a driving force behind the collective.

Focusing mainly on interior decoration and the use of natural materials, Naomi Paul’s design process is based around the concept of upcycling. “For us the spirit of bricolage is experimental, playful and collaborative. It is about using existing materials to re-assemble things into new objects and new meanings”, tells Naomi.

“As designers, we also try to make objects that will have a long life, that will be cherished and become modern heirlooms. We are fascinated by the stories of others and we operate to share and encourage these narratives and stories, through workshops and through online platforms.”

“For us, as designers and makers, there is an honesty and timelessness in a bricolage process, that is grounded in the everyday, but still elegant and beautiful.”

Bricolage Friends

All the pieces exhibited by the invited designers have been made in Britain. The list includes: Studio Glithero, Max Lamb, Faudet Harrison, Simone Brewster, Alon Meron, Study O Portable, Thomas Wagner, Charlotte Nordmoen and Mentsen.

Centre Commercial

Centre Commercial brings together labels made in France, England and Denmark, second-hand bicycles, vintage fur- niture and art. As a collective space, Centre Commercial unites local, social and environmental initiatives.
Last November, Centre Commercial organised the exhibition «Hors Série». This exhibition of contemporary design fea- tured six young artisan designers who are directly involved with the physical creation of their designs

2, rue de Marseille — 75010 Paris