Paper works
by Simon Schubert


Cologne artist Simon Schubert creates intricate images of stately homes and palaces simply by folding plain white sheets of paper.

Paper works by Simon Schubert

Folds in the surface create a relief of just a few millimetres, catching the light at different angles to create detailed pictures of architectural spaces.

Paper works by Simon Schubert

The animation above comprises 100 sheets of paper folded to resemble a fictional old house that was constructed in a CAD program, assembled as though the viewer chases a ghostly figure - in reality a flat area of paper - through the paper mansion.

Paper works by Simon Schubert

The still images depict the Berlin Stadtschloß, a former baroque royal palace in the centre of Berlin that was torn down when the east of the city was divided from the west.

Paper works by Simon Schubert

The city plans to reconstruct three of the building's facades in their original style and replace the interior with a modern structure, though work has halted for the moment due to the enormous cost.

Paper works by Simon Schubert

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Here's some more information from Schubert:

The artist Simon Schubert (born 1976) graduated from the academy of Fine Arts Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany (sculpture master class of Professor Irmin Kamp).

Paper works by Simon Schubert

Simon Schubert, who mentions authors Samuel Beckett and Edgar Allan Poe as his biggest influences, raises the most existential and fundamental questions. Loneliness, isolation, loss and disappearance are the reoccurring issues in his paper works and sculptures. The mysterious and unsettling atmosphere his works radiate confronts the viewer with his own subconscious fears and anxieties.

Paper works by Simon Schubert

In his paper works Schubert folds and creases the sheets in an extraordinary technique, adding a plastic quality to the plain paper without any graphical aid. Staircases and hallways, insights of stately homes are shown, seemingly on the point of dissolution. The rooms are inhabited by hidden human figures whose ghost-like shadows seem to enter or leave the scene.

Paper works by Simon Schubert

The paper works are made of plain paper. The papers are entirely folded and uncoloured.

Paper works by Simon Schubert

The three dimensionality of the picture is a result of a special technique. The lines, angles and circles are raised several millimetres as the result of positive and negative folding. Those reliefs change in the interplay of shadow and light and move between two and three dimensionality.

Paper works by Simon Schubert

In different lighting, like the changing of daylight, the pictures change from nearly vanishing into an illusion of space and three-dimensionality.

Simon Schubert lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

  • ming


  • Stellina

    Painstaking effort… What for?

  • mmm

    Hauntingly beautiful!

  • Wow! :-o

    I'm truly impressed. His technique must involve an almost maddening attention to detail, seen how there can't be no room for mistakes. And the end result has an ethereal quality that reminds me of old Daguerreotypes which barely captured the outlines of objects.

  • wow,very haunting – reminds me a little of Do-Ho-Suh’s fabric work –

    It works in a similarly ethereal way. I’d love to know how he does the folding – is it just by scoring the paper with a bone folder – or does he have a pinching technique?

    Either way – incredible results

  • Paul

    This makes me feel like a total loser without any talent.

  • My mind is blown.

  • Lucy

    embossing tool?

  • rohtmuz

    I can get the same effect by drawing with a pen that doesn't work n a piece of white paper, if i traced a CAD drawing it would be identical, not really rocket science is it?

    • david

      yeah, course you could.

    • grayghost

      you must be visiting from another dimension…welcome to our world CADMAN.

  • Great work, but it seems folding 1% + 99% embossing. however it is great inspiring work.

  • Sopia

    It is exquisite work. Is it truly 100% folded? How do you fold circles? I'd like to know.

  • Lisko

    This is not paper but software!

  • Really cool, but what is the vidéo for if it doesn't show how it's done ?

  • Mike

    Put it into perspective. I want to see it from a bit of distance. I can’t tell how it’s been folded or anything. Better yet, some images of him actually doing the work. For all I know this is special effects.

  • Bruce Brown

    Beautiful but too much work.