Ar Vag by Thibault Penven


Ar Vag by Thibault Penven/ECAL

Movie: Ecole Cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) student Thibault Penven has designed a folding boat.

Called Ar Vag, the vessel comprises rigid boards sewn into a waterproof skin so it can be unfolded quickly and stiffened by pushing two folding rods, like tent poles, into pockets in the rim.

Ar Vag by Thibault Penven/ECAL

A wooden plank inserted through apertures in the walls holds the whole thing under tension and forms a seat.

Ar Vag by Thibault Penven/ECAL

The project was on show at an exhibition of work from ECAL students called Too Cool for School in Milan last month.

Ar Vag by Thibault Penven/ECAL

We featured another folding boat by Londoners Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies last summer - see it here.

Ar Vag by Thibault Penven/ECAL

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  • Vinze

    trés jolie travail ! mais la vidéo est vraiment très mauvaise !

  • Andrew

    It is funny how they made them put their name/ ECAL on each project. No other school does that. A rather aggressive marketing strategy.

    • ema

      because they own it. but for real. its like it's theirs.

  • Colonel Pancake

    Thibault Penven has designed a folding deathtrap.


    but I guess the yellow raybans help a lot

  • Private Pancake

    "Forever alone" boat.
    No keel / fin? one paddle? good luck going straight!
    Nice DIY "beach boat" overall.

  • Paul O' Brien

    I would really like to try one out!

  • I think should be good@emergency, like sudden flood, but it is safe? How many people can use the boat at the same time? Or just one light person ( skinny) only?

  • skeptical

    It looks terribly flimsy and paddling properly is obviously near impossible – add some waves and a bit of wind, body weight not dead centered: capsizing guaranteed.

  • james orf

    i bet this would be a HUGE hit at a gay pride event…

  • Jake Wells

    Fail on the name. Air Vag…can't get past it!

    • xcvfdvbsv

      its AR Vag…horndog

  • Lizok

    Such a lame version of another project from over a year ago! The Oru origami kayak is SO MUCH MORE AWESOME!

  • D. Duck

    Sorry but Donald Duck got there first in the 70's as you can see in the link above. You can also find this image in Per Mollerup's "Collapsibles" book in the first pages.

    I do hope it's sheer coincidence.

  • JWMK

    Fol-Boat in New York made folding boats decades ago! They had a store in Manhattan and sold in the back pages of magazines, before internet. But, hey, this kid’s sunglasses match the boat.

  • Bob

    Some comments seem a bit harsh. It’s a concept that was made and tested. Is it the best boat ever? Nope, but it’s fun to see.