Casa Roc by Nook Architects


Casa Roc by Nook Architects

This Barcelona apartment by Spanish studio Nook Architects combines modern kitchen and bathroom fittings alongside original mosaic flooring and exposed wooden ceiling beams.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

The architects couldn't remove the load-bearing wall at the centre of the residence, so decided to wrap the new bathrooms and kitchen around it instead.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

The kitchen now lines the edge of an open-plan living and dining room, while the bathrooms face the bedroom on the other side.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

The bedroom door slides across to screen both the washroom and the toilet, so only one of these rooms can be enclosed at once.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

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Casa Roc by Nook Architects

Here's some more information from Nook Architects:

Casa Roc | Apartment in Barcelona | nookarchitects

Located in Barcelona’s historic Gothic Quarter, this residence was first found on a very precarious state.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

Several interventions of different time periods and of low construction quality had accumulated, layering on top of the original construction.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

Its distribution was the result of common customs of the past in which the space was highly compartmentalized, generating small rooms with little or no natural light or ventilation.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

It was clear from the beginning that the space had to be oxygenated, especially because of its limited dimensions, but the existence of a bearing wall that divides the apartment in two halves made us ponder about how to achieve the feeling of a continuous space while integrating the rigid input that the structure had to offer.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

Therefore, we came up with the idea of a box that wrapped and integrated the bearing wall, containing the wet areas of the apartment, simultaneously dividing the residence in night and day zones, and separating the new construction from the salvaged original features.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

To further exploit this idea of a box and its interior location within the apartment, dark finishes were used in both the kitchen and the bathroom, therefore the wet areas of the house are perceived as dark closets that open up to the white, neutral, and luminous areas that surround it.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

The kitchen is anchored to the bearing wall on the side that faces the exterior facade, and is open to the living area which features its original mosaic tiles, restored wooden beams and updated exterior doors and windows.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

These were refurbished in order to preserve the original woodwork but meet current comfort standards by substituting the original glass with double-glazed panels.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

Previous plan

The bathroom was placed on the other side of the wall and opening up to the bedroom, which faces a much calmer interior courtyard. Here, a warmer and contemporary language was used.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

New plan

The aluminum windows were changed to natural wood. These were also made larger and the once gloomy gallery was transformed into a sunny terrace to bring in more natural light.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

Placing the wet areas in the core of the residence, however, presented another challenge because there was no plumbing installation in the interior.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

The only sanitary drainage pipe was located on the exterior gallery, where a small bathroom had been built. This was solved by elevating the entire floor level of the bedroom-bathroom, further emphasizing this area as the newly created night zone.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

A limited budget was an incentive for ingenious ideas and for scarifying features that are not essential in a one-user apartment, therefore a single sliding door, dubbed “3 in 1”, eliminates the need for multiple doors: one can choose to either close the bedroom, close the bathroom or close the water closet.

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

Architects: nook architects
Situation: Barcelona, Spain
Project Year: 2012

Casa Roc by Nook Architects

Photography: nieve | Productora Audiovisual
Furniture: Openhouse

  • MRverdaguer

    If y have to use the toilet and the light is turned on, everybody can see me sitting there? What about using the toilet and the bathroom at the same time? Privacy matters should be considered… but the floors are very nice ;)

    • JAndrews

      There's only one bedroom, so at the most only two people can live in the apartment: if one is in the toilet and the other one is in the bathroom-they can't see each other; if the one in the toilet exits, the bathroom is closed-they can't see each other either. Plus, haven't you seen your partner naked!? ;-)

  • Ivan

    Wana know how to get a sure hit in renovation ? Simply put ultra modernistic furnitures (i.e. designer wares) into an old apartment, retain most of the existing finishes, splash a fresh coat of white paint and voila, you have it !

    • JAndrews

      You obviously haven't looked at the plans and know nothing about plumbing installations. I think the apartment looks good even without the furniture!

    • Carl

      is there any ultra modernistic furniture?? i just see some randomly thrown together individual items which dont even match

  • Chris

    Great living in a house that looks like you're constantly waiting for the moving van to arrive with the rest of your furniture.

    • JAndrews

      I think it’s pretty obvious that the furniture was put in for the photos, I don’t really think people live without a bed and a dining table! :-P

  • GCelaR

    I think people should look at the floor plans and read first, and then make their comments. Placing a bathroom and kitchen on the interior of an apartment that's probably (at least) 100 years old isn't an easy task, neither is creating an open airy feeling when most of the walls are load-bearing. I think they did a great job!

  • Mr Walnut Grey

    Great concept, but not sure about that bathroom. It looks to be a bit claustrophobic. Now when will they actually style the place?

  • james orf

    perfect for a luxury hamster…

  • Red Pill Junkie

    That toilet cabinet feels ridiculously narrow. I would have left the sink outside to make more room.

  • z

    so you have to change spaces when you want to wash your hands after using the toilet?

    nice design but fake-furnitures look so fake.

    • M77

      OMG the sink is so far away from the toilet the bacteria might eat your hands on the way to the sink!!!

  • Julián

    Excelente trabajo en planta, qué buena resolución del programa, llevando la cocina al lugar indicado, la propuesta de amoblamiento es muy sensata en un espacio muy pequeño, muy adecuado. Muy bella sensibilidad por los mosaicos de piso tan tradicionales de Barcelona, la combinación con otros materiales más recientes está muy equilibrada. Estoy de acuerdo respecto al lavamanos y al sanitario en espacios separados, pues por higiene deberían estar en el mismo espacio, sin embargo hace parte de la idiosincrasia de cada cultura y es respetable. Muy bonitas las fotos tan escasas de mobiliario, con elementos que a la gente no le concuerdan, me recuerda a cuando me pasé a mi apartamento y no tenía sino un par de cosas, pero el espacio se veía bello, esperando a la llegada de los muebles que poco a poco van llegando con el tiempo y la observación. Hay un par de muebles que hablan de la intención futura, de la idea de mezclar nuevo y antiguo, que es algo propositivo: se parece realmente a como vive la inmensa mayoría de la gente. Saludos desde suramérica a los diseñadores.

  • VSS

    You have to look at something – an apartment or anything else – within its context. It’s obvious that those criticizing various aspects of the place have never been inside of an apartment in Barcelona… especially one in the very CENTER of the old city… there is absolutely nothing like it within this price range, period. It’s a fantastic find, and would take a very long paragraph to list its virtues when compared to a typical apartment here. I’ve visited the inside, and not only is it beautiful, it’s functional. (And yes, there’s furniture now. Bed, couch, breakfast bar. Quite nice, too.)

  • Zazous

    I’m not sure what has been gained by using the sliding doors on the long side of the bathroom. Why not enter from the end (where the wardrobe is) so you can have the long wall free for storage or mirrors (or better still, both) to create a greater sense of space? It seems like it’s trying to be unconventional just for the sake of it. Lovely original features with nice modern fittings but not the most practical use of limited space.

  • NAT

    I would love to live here and for me that’s more than enough.