Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna
by Innocad


Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad

Microsoft has joined Google and Lego in the trend for offices like playgrounds with their new Vienna base that includes a slide.

Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad

Austrian architects Innocad won a competition to design the three-storey offices, which feature themed meeting rooms including a hunting lodge and ocean.

Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad

An x-ray image of a computer covers the rear wall of the reception, there's artificial grass in one of the coffee lounges and of course there are games rooms.

Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad

Check out the slide at the Denmark headquarters of toy brand Lego here and Google's seaside-themed London office here.

Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad

Other buildings with slides include a house in Japana children’s centre in Spain and an airport lounge in the Netherlands. See all the stories about slides here.

Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad

We've also published the offices of other technology companies, including Google, Facebook and Skype.

Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad

Photography is by Paul Ott.

Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad

Here's some more information from Innocad:

Headquarter Microsoft Vienna

ARGE KOOP/INNOCAD emerged as winners in the architecture competition for Microsoft’s new headquarters in Vienna, held on the basis of the WPA concept.

Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad

Working in close collaboration with the Microsoft project team during the subsequent project realisation phase, the team of architects assumed responsibility for the overall design of the new Microsoft working environment as construction supervisors and project managers.

Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad

The architects commented: “Our aim is to intertwine and harmonise physical, virtual and social working environments.”

Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad

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Architecture Office: INNOCAD Architektur ZT GmbH
Construction finished 10/2011
Floor Area: 4.500m2
Cost: 2.800.000 Euro

  • claude

    Another very "funny", "flashy", "shimmering" headquarter for an opulent internet firm !
    Every "coolest" interior design codes are here, and I'm not sure that the employees will support this more than 2 years…

  • Ivo

    This is why Microsoft is loosing the race. A slide in the lobby is soooooooo last year.

    • AMMS

      Calls to mind the scene in Austin Powers with Dr Evil dancing the Macarena saying “I’m hip, I’m cool”

  • Maria

    really boring and not the most taste-safe colour.. of course, vienna (where we're at being old-fashioned)..

  • james orf

    can anyone smell the cheese?

  • benperman

    This is a perfect example of why Microsoft continues to slip so far behind Apple. These offices do not tell me anything about Microsoft the brand.

    The design lacks any considered language and relies heavily on gimmicky interventions and garish graphics in meeting rooms. The timber clad meeting room is like a coffin and I would struggle not to throw up let alone concentrate in the cosmic meeting room.

    Read what i really think about this office design here

    • vertigo66

      Yes indeed, lets use every trend going and throw it all together. Disappointing because there was some promise shown in Sevil Peach design for m-soft in Amsterdam, at least some rigorous thought applied to the design there, they should have built on this work instead of commissioning another designer for this project..
      Nice blog Ben, thanks, although I do not think Apples HQ is particularly well designed on what I have seen so far. You may be interested in my google Vs Apple blog post

  • Fizz Fieldgrass

    Slides and soft furniture: the environment of a kindergarten. Does this tell us something – anything? What's wrong in growing up a bit and doing things in an adult manner? So the theory goes that we lose our spontaneous creativity when we lose our childhood but really, can we grab that back just by placing people in infantile surroundings?

  • G1NCHY

    Let’s knock the design because it’s Microsoft! The design had nothing to do with the architect that designed it. Apple produces the most boring designs of all; what BMW were in the 90s – the sausage factory. How long do you like your wiener? We’ll just extrude a longer piece.

    Similarly Apple’s industrial design is so first year industrial design student. Aluminum and glass something you’d expect to find in a trendy gift shop, the cool looking paper weight that costs a fortune. No exploration of materials, no ground breaking forms.