Skate Villa by Philipp Schuster

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Skate Villa by Philipp Schuster

A few tons of concrete was all professional skateboarder Philipp Schuster needed to turn this derelict hunting lodge in Salzburg, Austria, into an indoor skate park.

Skate Villa by Philipp Schuster

Concrete mounds and ramps are dotted around the house against the walls, underneath the windows and around the fireplace.

Skate Villa by Philipp Schuster

Once the concrete had set, the house was redecorated and filled with vintage furniture, antiques and hunting trophies to reference its former use as a hunter's residence.

Skate Villa by Philipp Schuster

Another skateboarder also recently enlisted the help of an architect to design a house where every surface can be skated over - see it here.

Skate Villa by Philipp Schuster

If skateboarding doen't appeal to you, how about a house with a slide connecting its floors or one with an indoor climbing wall? See all our stories about buildings with slides here and all our stories about buildings with climbing walls.

Skate Villa by Philipp Schuster

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  • andy

    kinda the etnies-house in ugly.

  • james orf

    oh dear this is sad, but i guess not many people can say austria is big in the design sphere…

  • Mert

    as an architect who spent his entire childhood and teenage years skating, I can say this fails as both a dwelling and skatepark.

  • Miss Shame

    i don't know what to say

  • bluepearlgirl

    This is oh SO ugly! If you want to do it right, do it like this

    Pierre-André Senizergue knows how to do it right in many aspects of life!

    • Marcus Fairs

      It's also on Dezeen here:

      Marcus, Dezeen

    • m_d

      I prefer Philipp Schuster’s. It’s more roots like skate should be.
      And not some kind of “skate park art installation with a skate sofa in the middle”

  • Greenish

    Oh my goodness… I am having palpitations thinking about skaters getting skewered on those animal horns…

    • xtiaan

      I think they deserve to be after doing this to the house