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Nørd by David Geckeler for Muuto

Two laminated plywood shells slot together to form this chair by Berlin designer David Geckeler without any metal fixings.

Nerd chair by David Geckeler

Called Nørd, meaning nerd, the design won last year's Muuto Talent Award and has now been put into production with the Danish brand.

Nørd by David Geckeler for Muuto

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Nørd by David Geckeler for Muuto

Here's some more information from Muuto:

David Geckeler and his Nerd Chair won Muuto’s design competition for Scandinavian design schools in 2011. Now his independent and unique take on an all-wood chair joins the Muuto collection.

Muuto’s new Nerd chair combines an impeccable sense of craftsmanship with a strong personality while still maintaining a certain simplicity. Through the innovative integration between seat and back, the precise detailing and the organic shape, David Geckeler has created a chair with an iconic and unique appearance.

“While the appearance of Nerd is unique, the overall expression, material and craftsmanship all have references to classic Scandinavian design values. I am really happy with the result; a chair that stands out as a very personal and distinct interpretation of an all-wood chair.” - David Geckeler

Material: natural oak or lacquered ash wood
Colours: natural oak, black, dark green, grey, petroleum, red, rose, yellow
Dimensions: height 80,5 cm, seat height 46 cm, width 45,5 cm, depth 50 cm