Movie: Thomas Heatherwick on designing
the UK pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010


Movie: Thomas Heatherwick talks to Dezeen about designing the UK pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010  in this interview filmed by Dezeen at his exhibition at the V&A museum in London.

In the movie Heatherwick explains why he only used one sixth of the site, needing to create a moment of calm in the chaos of an expo and the government's brief to be among the top five pavilions at the expo despite having half the budget of most of the Western nations' design teams.

The boxy structure was pierced by 60,000 transparent rods, each containing seeds from the Millennium Seed Bank in the UK. Watch an earlier movie about the pavilion here and read our original story here.

Heatherwick Studio: Designing the Extraordinary continues at the V&A  until 30 September. Watch Heatherwick demonstrate the exhibition guide dispenser inspired by printing presses in our earlier movie here or above, and hear him talk about his design for a new London bus in another of our movies here or below.

Photographs are by Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre.

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  • Paul

    I just can't get enough of this!

  • That's just absolutely amazing. Some time must have gone into making this!

  • Chris

    half the budget of other western nations? I do get aggravated sometimes when I learn how under-funded British projects are but then I realise it's those sort of constraints that lead to some of the innovations that British designers make.

  • “Only building that we’ve done which looks more like a render than a render….” lol

  • RonnieVanZant

    This is an amazing project but it’s a total copy of a small building I saw in a magazine?!?!?! – It’s in Essex and called the ‘Sit-out-ery- or something (can’t quite remember). It’s crazy that no one else has noticed!


    • Josh

      The one you are talking about is called Sitooterie II. It is no coincidence they look somewhat the same, as they are both from the same designer! This was one of the best pavilion designs in the shanghai expo, but thanks for letting me know the existence of the Sitooterie II in Essex…