Casa G+S by

Casa G+S by Grooppo

Hexagonal tiles create honeycomb-patterned floors inside this nineteenth century Italian house refurbished by architects Grooppo.

Casa G+S by Grooppo

They renovated just one of the house's three storeys, adding reclaimed and antique furniture to the objects already owned by the family.

Casa G+S by Grooppo

The six-sided porcelain floor tiles are laid in different colours and patterns in seven of the eight rooms, while the kitchen features a chequerboard of black and white square tiles.

Casa G+S by Grooppo

Door frames and skirting boards are painted black throughout so that they stand out against the white walls.

Casa G+S by Grooppo

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Casa G+S by Grooppo

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Casa G+S by Grooppo

Photography is by Anna Positano.

Casa G+S by Grooppo

The text below is from Grooppo:

CASA G+S house refurbishment

The procedure consists in the recovery of one of the three floors of a single family house built in 1870 in Albissola Marina. A project based on memory, which aims to bring out the peculiarities of the original building.

The paving design mimics the original one: different colors for the unglazed porcelain hexagonal tiles define the sequence of rooms, emphasizing the continuity of spaces.

Container walls define spaces in the new subdivision where individual pieces of furniture belonging to the history of the families of the two owners, interact with other recovered objects reinterpreted with a contemporary vocation.

Task: Architectural Design, Site Supervision
Client: Confidential
Site: Albissola Marina, Savona, Italy
Area: 120mq

  • Nic

    Italian style at its best. Because it's true. I can "feel" those rooms. I can relate my personal memories to that. Love it.

  • simple, rustic but effective design

  • zeemmee

    Very homely true to their origins!!

  • fede

    Some of the rooms look like a hospital to be honest.

  • I love the scale of the tile.

  • Einah

    Beautiful floors, ghastly artwork. What is with plates on walls, I thought that went out in 1997?