Black Lodge by
Jägnefält Milton

Black Lodge by Jagnefalt Milton

Tourists to a remote Swedish island will soon be able to abandon the hotel rooms of a luxury resort to sleep inside triangular huts on a deserted beach.

Black Lodge by Jagnefalt Milton

Designed by Stockholm architects Jagnefalt Milton, each Black Lodge will have wooden walls that fold open so that guests can open the room out to the elements as much or as little as they prefer.

Black Lodge by Jagnefalt Milton

The only furniture inside will be wooden boards, which can be used as tables, beds or benches, plus stools.

Black Lodge by Jagnefalt Milton

The huts will be constructed from pine, sourced from the surrounding woodland.

Black Lodge by Jagnefalt Milton

Any residents that change their minds about sleeping out amongst nature or need to use a bathroom in the night will easily be able to walk back to the hotel, which is located in a former limestone quarry nearby.

Black Lodge by Jagnefalt Milton

The architects plan to build the first prototype this summer.

Black Lodge by Jagnefalt Milton

Jägnefält Milton previously designed buildings that roll through a city on railway tracks - see them here.

Black Lodge by Jagnefalt Milton

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Here's a few more details from the architects:

The basic idea is to complement a luxury resort (situated in an old quarry) with small reclusive huts placed in the nearby forest, close to a deserted beach.

Black Lodge by Jagnefalt Milton

Considering all the luxury amenities in the resort, we wanted this to be something completely different. The hut is made of pine trees cut in the same forest as it is standing in. It's built in an old Swedish timber frame technique and warmed by a cast iron stove.

Black Lodge by Jagnefalt Milton

The only furniture besides a stool, is a wooden board that can act both as a table, a bench and a bed. All four walls can be opened into the grass creating more of a camp fire situation where you can watch the stars and moon through the oculus. We were able to stretch the simplicity of the project knowing we had all the amenities nearby.

  • Liz Farrelly

    Love this project, but just one port-hole, at one height, what about short friends?

  • Gartenhaus Seller

    I like that, a lot actually. But I think I'm too much of a weasel to sleep outdoors at night. :)

  • Bradley B.

    the first project in a long time that has something to it . . . . Dezeen was starting to get a little London repetitive

  • the blob

    if you have this two person space, a fine wine… don’t you think you need some kind of bed there?

  • Justin

    Just like an 'A' frame house from the 70's ?

  • Johnspivey

    Why not make it tetrahedral? A very strong shape and you can give more interior space by lifting the apex to 4 metres or more.