by Art of Kinetik

Antagonist by Art of Kinetik

This luxury wooden speed boat is the latest model to be launched by Serbian yacht builders Art of Kinetik.

Antagonist by Art of Kinetik

Antagonist is a 37-foot open weekend cruiser with a cockpit that's spacious enough to hold a table and seating for eight people.

Antagonist by Art of Kinetik

The yacht also features a sunbathing area and teak-covered decking around the swimming platform at the stern.

Antagonist by Art of Kinetik

The the interior is fitted with designer fabrics and mood lighting.

Antagonist by Art of Kinetik

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Here's some more information from Art of Kinetik:

Art of Kinetik, the producer of luxury wooden pleasure yachts, will this summer be launching a new model featuring the elegant lines, peerless finish and bespoke details that the company has become known for. Antagonist, a 37 foot open weekend cruiser, fits below the 63 foot Hedonist, the company’s flagship yacht.

Antagonist will be targeting all who want to spend a day on the water in style and in an environment not seen on any other yacht in its class. While smaller than Hedonist, the yacht continues the philosophy of elegant lines, superb craftsmanship, highest quality materials and plethora of bespoke details.

The main characteristic of the yacht is its unusually large open cockpit, providing both luxury surroundings and space for up to 8 people to spend a day in comfort, lounging, eating or sunbathing.

The uncompromising approach to beautiful design did not detract from providing the plentiful space and functionality required for relaxed time on the boat. Besides a large seating area in the cockpit featuring a multi functional table, there is also a spacious sunbathing area astern framed by two teak covered paths leading from the built in swimming platform.

Inside, a large air-conditioned interior with easy access from the cockpit provides a home like environment characteristic of the company’s previous yachts.

When launched in June 2012, Antagonist will show the evolution of the Art of Kinetik concept and philosophy and again demonstrate its unique combination of elegance and craftsmanship. It is destined to become a new benchmark in the weekend cruiser market segment.

  • Philippe

    This boat is awesome, but could you imagine the amount of fuel for this kind of machine. OMG!

  • This is such an object of pure design, precise engineering and obsessive detailing. This has to be the most beautiful boat crafted since the original Aquariva. Fenomenalno!! AOK, great to see such quality coming out of Beograd.

  • The

    Design for the real world?

  • Juan

    James Bond

  • Fizz

    "The uncompromising approach to beautiful design" = ugly. How can something like a marine vessel with the potential to be conceptually beautiful, end up looking so brutish? And what's with the transom looking as if a piece of 50s walnut veneered piece of furniture?

  • jlpr70

    Wish they had shown pictures of the inside…

  • Yachty

    I saw one of these in Montenegro recently – the machine is stunning. So great to see someone with the balls to shake up the boring marine world. Best looking boat I've seen in years – I'd love to catch a glimpse at other models in their range. The photos smply don't do it justice…

  • Nast

    I agree. The boat is floating in the marina of Kotor. Looks stunning. This boat is not for being at one place or parties, it is for good speed. Design is beautiful, I wonder how the machinery is, anyone tried that?