"Retailers urged to support design copyright campaign" - The Guardian

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Marks & Spencer (left) and Rachael Taylor

Dezeen Wire: The Guardian reports on a campaign to persuade high-street retailers to respect the intellectual property of independent designers following the case of English pattern designer Rachael Taylor, who last week spoke out after finding a product almost identical to her own on sale at Marks & Spencer (above and below; Taylor's designs are on the right in both photos).

Marks & Spencer (left) and Rachael Taylor

The Commission It, Don't Copy It campaign was launched in April by Anti-Copying in Design and has so far been supported by retailers John Lewis and Selfridges.

In May, the UK government announced changes to bring rights of designers into line with other creatives following a campaign to protect designers' copyright initiated by Elle Deco editor Michelle Ogundehin to persuade retailers and industry to commission new products rather than copying existing ones.

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  • Thomas

    It's a bit hypocritical that John Lewis are supporting this campaign. See some of their recent furniture collections for some VERY familiar looking designs.