Tasse by
Patrick Norguet

Tasse by Patrick Norguet

French designer Patrick Norguet has designed a reusable cup for McDonald's that makes scalding hot coffee easier to hold.

Tasse by Patrick Norguet

Named Tasse, each cup has a protective wrap in one of six different colours.

Tasse by Patrick Norguet

Five million of the cups have been ordered for McDonald's branches in France.

Norguet previously worked with McDonald's to redesign the fast food chain's restaurant interiors.

Photographs are by Studio Norguet.

Here's some more information about the cup:

With the success of Patrick Norguet’s interior design for McDonald's now at large throughout Italy, Switzerland and Holland, the French designer has conceived a free coffee cup on offer in French restaurants. A veritable everyday design project for the great majority: ‘McDonald’s asked me to conceive and design an object intended for all of its clients. The idea is simply to use a code present in the world of McDonald’s for inspiration. This project and the problems that large quantities entail, that is five million copies, raises the question about the need for ownership and the symbolic incarnation of a brand through a viable object. A functional basic with its small elastomer sheath to avoid burning and ensure a perfect grip, free with each menu + coffee.

  • Looks interesting, but what's it made out of? How sustainable its it?

  • amazonian hamburglar


  • Sebastian

    Stolen design? These mugs look suspiciously similar:

  • Sheel

    McDonald’s should concentrate on having coffee that is NOT scalding hot and thus we would not see a stolen design.

  • Patricio

    Even if the original idea was not his he managed to make what used to cost 20 euro into a reusable and mass produced way more cheaper.