One year ago...

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One year ago

Designers and architects were wrapping materials over and around things one year ago, like these wooden plywood ribs that appear to drape the ceiling and bar of a coffee shop in Poland (above).

One year ago...

The roof of this church by Coop Himmelb(l)au looks like it has been wrapped in a spiral over the top of the building (above).

One year ago...

Rami Tareef created chairs with geometric patterns by wrapping and weaving cords around spare, steel frames (above).

One year ago...

Planks of a picnic bench extend and fold over nearby railings at contemporary arts centre (above).

One year ago...

Finally, one piece of leather is folded like a tortilla to create pouches for your money or spectacles (above).

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  • Clinton Cole

    Great table. I think I'll copy it.